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Tales & Tails: 10 Names for Pets Inspired by Classic Literature

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It can be tough coming up with names for a new pet. When you pick a name, it sticks with them for life. Why not take some inspiration from your favorite books? Here are ten of the best literary-inspired pet names!


white and brown long coated dog
Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash

The world’s greatest detective is an iconic literary character with a great name. A particularly inquisitive dog or an astute cat would be adorable with the name “Sherlock”. If you have a pair of sibling pets, the name “Watson” makes an excellent companion moniker!


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It’s unlikely you’ll name a dog Clifford unless they’re massive and red. If they are, though, this is a perfect name that’ll bring a smile to your guests’ faces when they make the connection. It’s also just a really cute name for a big pup!


shallow focus photography of tuxedo cat
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A suave, debonair pup with a Roaring Twenties-style name like Gatsby would be an adorable nod to the classic novel. If you’ve got a particularly charming kitty, you could also use the equally precious variant, “Catsby”. Either way, if you’ve got a Gatsby or Catsby in the house, name another pet Zelda to impress your bookish friends.


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Frodo, the protagonist of The Lord of the Rings, is a beloved character because of his dedication to the Fellowship and his dauntless personality. This name also comes with a ton of great companion names, like Sam, Legolas, and Gimli.


brown and white rough collie on green grass field during daytime
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Do you have a precocious, adventurous pet who marches to the beat of their own drum? If so, invoking the name of Mark Twain’s famous protagonist Huckleberry Finn is a great idea. You could also get them a friend named Tom Sawyer, and who wouldn’t want pets named “Finn” and “Tom”?

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adult greyhound on forest during daytime
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The loyal, vigilant dog Argos is a character from The Odyssey who appears very late in the narrative. Once Odysseus has returned home from his 20-year journey, he finds his watchdog Argos still keeping an eye on his home. While Odysseus can’t speak to his hound for fear of tipping off his enemies to his identity, he’s touched to see his faithful pet still around.


adult black Schipperke dog
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The legendary author of the Inferno, Dante is a renowned Italian poet who wrote often of his interpretation of Christian theology. If you want to give your pet an air of mystical, otherworldly mystique, the name “Dante” is a perfect fit. If you have two pets you want to be named this way, the other could be called “Virgil”.


silver tabby cat lying on white textile
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Another beloved Lord of the Rings character is Gandalf the Grey, an old wizard who sets Frodo on his task of destroying the One Ring. This name is perfect for an older pet, especially one with gray or white fur! A companion name for this one could be Galadriel or even Radagast.

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adult white pit bull
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If you want to give your pet a name that encapsulates a huge portion of Greek myth, you can’t go wrong with Homer. His tales, The Iliad and The Odyssey, are arguably the most influential stories of Greek mythology that are still in existence today.

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Shere Khan

orange tabby cat in blue background
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If you’ve got a large, tiger-like cat, consider the name Shere Khan. In The Jungle Book, Shere Khan is a villainous tiger who appears in a few stories as an antagonist. Fans of the Disney movie likely remember the charming, suave version of Shere Khan voiced by George Sanders.

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