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Ten Mythological Pet Names

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Names like Charlie, Bella, and Luna might be popular among some pet owners. But if you’re looking to imbue your new family pet with a legendary-sounding name, you could take inspiration from real-world mythology. Here are ten excellent mythological pet names!


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Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, has increased in popularity immensely due to his Marvel Comics iteration appearing in blockbuster movies. It’s also just a great name. “Thor” evokes strength, thunder, and Chris Hemsworth’s massive biceps.


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Likewise, Thor’s devious uncle Loki (changed to be his brother in Marvel Comics) is more popular than ever due to Tom Hiddleston’s incredible turn in the role. It’s a great name for a trickster, so if you’ve got a mischievous pet, consider this name.


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Odin is the father of the gods in Norse mythology. He’s a one-eyed sage attended by crows and possessed with the power of prophecy. It’s a great name for any pet but could be especially meaningful if given to a cat or dog who is missing one eye.


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If you’re looking for a somewhat more literal dog name from mythology, you could go with the Norse name Fenrir. In the original myths, Fenrir is a towering wolf fathered by Loki. Fenrir is central to the prophecy of Ragnarök and will eventually help set the world ablaze. That makes it a great name for a destructive pup!


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Zeus, the chief of the Olympians in Greek mythology, commands the thunderstorm and wields the lightning bolt. He’s also always up to no good, fathering children with deities who aren’t his wife Hera. Still, his name exudes regality and power, making it a great fit for a large, strong pet.

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Hades is one of Zeus’s brothers and the God of the Underworld. He’s not evil, contrary to popular misconceptions. Instead, he’s just a grim and dour deity who oversees the spirits of the dead. He’s considered a fair and level-headed deity in Greek myths, making his name perfect for a serious-minded pet.


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Ares is a child of Zeus and the Greek God of War. He’s a hothead who rushes into combat without a second thought, and often encourages mortals to do the same. If you’ve got a pet who likes to brawl with their siblings or is otherwise energetic, Ares would be a perfect name.


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Once again, the literal route to take would be to name a dog Cerberus. In Greek myth, Cerberus is the three-headed canine guardian of the Underworld. He prevents spirits from escaping their final resting place. The beast’s name could also be derived from an ancient word for “spotted,” meaning Hades might have named his dog “Spot”. Adorable!


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Atlas, a Titan and cousin of the Olympians, was tricked by Zeus into bearing the entire cosmos on his shoulders. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Atlas doesn’t hold the world up. Instead, he’s holding the sky up from the Earth. This is a great name for any broad-shouldered, strong dog.


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Hera is the wife of Zeus and the Goddess of Marriage and Family. She’s also the highest-ranking Goddess among the Olympians, making her a regal and imposing presence among even other deities. Her name would be a perfect fit for a mama bear dog or the house’s matriarch.

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