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Paws Over Pacifiers: 10 Reasons Millennials Embrace Pet Ownership

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Parenthood is one of life’s biggest joys, right? Well, not if you ask many millennials. For many young adults, the idea of having a pet is far more appealing than having a child to care for. Here are ten reasons why!


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First and foremost, Millennials are having fewer kids because kids are extremely expensive. Taking care of a dog or a cat is nothing compared to the sky-high costs of food, clothing, schooling, and day care. Young adults just can’t afford to have kids with their historically low wages.


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Kids don’t travel well. If you’ve ever been stuck in an airplane cabin with a screaming baby, you’ve tasted a small part of what a parent deals with any time they want to travel and can’t afford a babysitter to stay with their children.

Desire to Help Animals

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There are plenty of animals out there that need our help. Millennials often weigh this when they adopt a furry friend. However, having children would cut into their finances tremendously and make it more difficult for them to continue helping cats and dogs in need.

Concern About the Future

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The state of the world is a bit concerning for many Millennials. Without getting too deep into the sociopolitical concerns of the present, some Millennials don’t feel confident that the world of tomorrow is somewhere they’d want children to grow up. Pets, on the other hand, provide companionship without needing to explain why everything is so messed up all the time.

Career Concerns

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Money is the root of a lot of these concerns, and this one is no different. Millennials are trying to move up in the world and finally make a decent career right now. The last thing many of them need is a distraction at home pulling them away from their attempts at career advancement.

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Having a child is a long-term commitment. That can be scary for a generation that has seen so much change over the past thirty to forty years. Many of them saw the internet grow from a funny fad to the most important invention in the modern era in the same span of time as it took for children to grow to adulthood.

Finding a Partner

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You don’t need to have a long-term relationship with someone to adopt a cat or dog. You don’t necessarily need one to raise a child either, but taking on the financial and emotional burden of taking care of a kid by yourself is a tall ask for many young adults. The trouble that Millennials have had finding long-term companionship and marriage is a topic for another day, though.


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If you have a child, a good chunk of your individuality gets stripped away. For the next eighteen years, you’re a parent first and yourself second. For Millennials, that level of surrender can be unacceptable. They’ve got things to do, friends to make, and career achievements to conquer.

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At the end of the day, Millennials are largely looking for freedom. Having a child means you put your roots down. Having a dog or cat doesn’t solidify you to one place, one partner, and one lifestyle for the next 18 years (at least).

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Some Millennials might just see having furry friends as good parenting practice. Having a kid is scary stuff! Maybe if they learn more by parenting a cat or dog they’ll be better-equipped to take care of a child in the future.

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