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Neighbors Install Dog Door In Fence After Pups Become BFFs

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Pups deserve friends too!

After getting dogs at roughly the same time, two Bay Area neighbors found the perfect way to let their furry friends play with each other as often as they wanted.

Dogs Deserve Friends!

“Trapper is a 2-year-old golden retriever and Fritz is a 3-year-old shepherd mix. Their friendship is the sweetest, funniest thing,” Whitney Tipton told People.

In fact, they decided to have a dog door built into their fence so that each dog could go into the other one’s yard and play.

“My neighbor had been joking about it for months — she’d text us tragic photos of Trapper’s sad eyes under the fence to make her case,” Whitney shared.

“Then, one day, my neighbor and I were in her backyard when someone popped his head over the fence to say hi to them. It turned out he was a dog-lover who also lived in the neighborhood and was building a fence next door. As we were talking about the dogs and his handiwork, the idea of the door came up.”

Convenient for Owners AND Dogs

Not only is the new dog door great for the pups, but it’s also been incredibly convenient for the owners too!

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“It’s been so fun for the dogs and convenient for us, plus it’s impossible not to smile every time we open it,” Tipton explained. 

“We live in a fairly dense neighborhood. They played together in the backyards before, but it was less frequent and they were limited to one side or the other.”

She continued, “Now we can easily open it any time we’re outside together, even if we’re still in pajamas or busy with yard work or whatever else is going on.”

More Dog Neighbors Should Give This a Try!

Needless to say, Trapper and Fritz are always looking to play with their furry BFF. 

“Trapper runs to check the door almost every time he goes outside. Fritz howls when he wants it opened. The dogs’ excitement is contagious and hasn’t died down at all.”

In fact, the neighbors hope this encourages other dog-owning neighbors to consider adding a similar dog door to their fence.

“If the humans and the dogs get along, there’s nothing to lose and lots to gain. Some people online have said we should keep it open all the time, but others have commented that the dual latches show respect for one another, and that’s how we see it. And if your neighbor doesn’t even have a dog yet, well … neither did either of us when we moved in, so there’s still hope!”

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