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10 Facts About Beagles
Beagles are the 8th most popular dog in the US, thanks to a happy-go-lucky attitude and gentle disposition. Originally bred to hunt, they are used today for some surprising scent work. Here are 10 amazing...
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All About Dogs

four dogs in park
The Best City in Each State for Dog Lovers
Every state has dog lovers, but these cities go above and beyond to provide dog parks and dog-friendly...
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Boston Terrier
9 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy or First-Time Owners
Low-maintenance dog breeds come in all sizes and can be the best choice for busy people and first-time...
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German Shepherd
10 Impressive Facts About German Shepherds
There is no greater all-purpose dog than the German Shepherd. They're the third-most intelligent dog...
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The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds
These 10 dogs may be some of the smallest on the planet, but what they lack in weight and stature they...
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Caring for Cats

Cats on Catio
10 Features to Include in a Catio
A Catio, or cat enclosure, is much more than a zone for keeping felines safe outdoors. It can be an escape...
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two kittens sitting on top of a cat tree
10 Tips for Caring for a Pregnant Cat
If you’ve got a mother cat preparing to have a litter of kittens, there are a few things you can do to...
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tabby cat on ledge
Tips for Bringing an Outside Cat Inside
Do you need to bring your outdoor cat inside? If so, we've got a few tips that can make things easier...
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Crop anonymous young African American female freelancer using netbook and drinking coffee while sitting at table near dog
The 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in the US
Traveling with your pets can be a bit stressful. That's why it helps to know ahead of time what hotels...
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More Lovable Pets

green plant with water droplets
How to Choose the Right Size Aquarium
Selective Focus Photography of Turtle on Bench
Ten Things to Know About Turtles as Pets
a couple of axolotls that are in some water
10 Weird and Fun Facts About Axolotls
two guinea pigs in a cage
10 Things We Get Wrong About Guinea Pigs
clown fish in shallow focus photography
10 Things People Get Wrong About Pet Fish
brown and black snake on brown tree trunk
Ten Harmful Myths About Snakes

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