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Close-Up Photo of Brown Dog
10 Funny Facts About French Bulldogs
Does it get much cuter than French Bulldogs? They're adorable, friendly, and eager to be your new best friend.
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All About Dogs

Selective Focus Photo of Pitbull
The 10 Best Facts About Bully Breeds
How much do you know about bully breeds? If you think they're all dangerous dogs, you could learn a lot...
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white and brown chihuahua puppy
10 Tiny Facts About Chihuahuas
If you love chihuahuas, you're going to enjoy today's fun facts! We're looking at ten awesome factoids...
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A Group of Siberian Husky
10 Reasons People Buy Purebred Dogs
There are many reasons people choose a purebred dog. Factors include appearance, traits, temperament,...
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Shih Tzu puppies, Shih Tzu breed
10 Things People Assume About Dog Breeders
There are a lot of myths about dog breeders and what motivates them. Here are 10 assumptions about dog...
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Caring for Cats

black framed eyeglasses
10 Nerdy, Fandom-Based Pet Names
Are you having a hard time picking a name for your new pet? Here are ten names inspired by nerdy fandoms...
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A dog that looks like Chewbacca
10 Pet Names Straight from the Star Wars Galaxy
Coming up with pet names isn't always easy. But you can look to your favorite sci-fi franchise for inspiration!
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two kittens sitting on top of a cat tree
10 Tips for Caring for a Pregnant Cat
If you’ve got a mother cat preparing to have a litter of kittens, there are a few things you can do to...
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tabby cat on ledge
Tips for Bringing an Outside Cat Inside
Do you need to bring your outdoor cat inside? If so, we've got a few tips that can make things easier...
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More Lovable Pets

green plant with water droplets
How to Choose the Right Size Aquarium
Selective Focus Photography of Turtle on Bench
Ten Things to Know About Turtles as Pets
a couple of axolotls that are in some water
10 Weird and Fun Facts About Axolotls
two guinea pigs in a cage
10 Things We Get Wrong About Guinea Pigs
clown fish in shallow focus photography
10 Things People Get Wrong About Pet Fish
brown and black snake on brown tree trunk
Ten Harmful Myths About Snakes

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