Getting Started: Dogs

Are you a brand new pet owner? How about a bona fide dog whisperer? Either way, you’re right where you need to be! 

Adopting a dog can fill your life with many years of happiness, adventure, and unconditional love. It’s truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself or your family! But it’s also a serious commitment that new owners should be prepared for.

So allow us to help! We’re always excited for dogs to find new, loving homes. Our articles and links will help you better understand your new dog’s needs as well as prepare for the joy that is dog ownership!

Welcoming A Dog

Choosing Your New Companion

Click around within these pages to find helpful tips on how to find your perfect companion pup, article breakdowns on purebreds and mixed breeds alike, a comprehensive checklist for what you need to know before bringing a brand new puppy home, and some tips about the oh-so-sweet and rewarding journey of adopting an older dog.

five yellow Labrador retriever puppies
What You Should Know About Caring for a Pregnant Dog
If your dog is expecting puppies, there are a few things you need to know about to help her out before...
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Layer 1
Read This Before Making Homemade Dog Treats
Mass-produced dog treats often come loaded with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives, flavors, and colors....
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two brown dog standing on green grass
Is a Male or Female Dog Right for You?
If you're considering getting a dog and can't decide whether to choose a male or female, these tips will...
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Brown Boxer Dog With Orange Black Powerdog Vest
10 Reasons to Think Twice About Getting a Guard Dog
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Pros and Cons of Buying a Mixed-Breed Dog
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Don't Microchip Your Dog Without Reading This First
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New Puppy Housetraining Tips
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Behavior & Training

Going the Distance

Already fully entrenched in your canine cohabitation journey? We have invaluable resources for you too, like tips on how to curb and correct frustrating behaviors, how to break bad habits, and, very importantly, how to teach an old dog a new trick. ;) 


They Are What They Eat

Of course, keeping your pup in tip-top shape is the name of the game, and what better way to do that than by choosing the most nutritious foods for your unique fur babies? You’ll learn how to make your own homemade treats that have all the goodness and none of the synthetic nonsense. There’s also a very helpful guide to everyday foods that are surprisingly toxic for dogs. Don’t be caught off guard!


Adventures and Outdoor Living

Physical activity is also crucial in caring for your BFF, and we’ve written extensively on fun activities and outdoor adventures that your whole family — fur and skin babies — will love! And we discuss the best ways to keep your pup cool and content in the dog days of summer. 

Dog and owner on a hike
10 Essential Dog Hiking Tips for Outdoor Lovers
Hiking with your dog is a wonderful way to share new experiences and create lasting memories. By following...
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Black White Long Coated Dog Dashing Trough Body of Water
PAY ATTENTION: 10 Signs of Heat Strokes in Dogs
If you play outside with you dog often, you need to know the signs of heatstroke. Here's what to look...
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A Woman with Blond Hair Petting a Dog
10 Things to Know Before You Take Your Dog Camping
Are you looking to go camping with your dog? Here are ten tips to help you make your next outdoor excursion...
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