Getting Started: Dogs

Are you a brand new pet owner? How about a bona fide dog whisperer? Either way, you’re right where you need to be! 

Adopting a dog can fill your life with many years of happiness, adventure, and unconditional love. It’s truly one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself or your family! But it’s also a serious commitment that new owners should be prepared for.

So allow us to help! We’re always excited for dogs to find new, loving homes. Our articles and links will help you better understand your new dog’s needs as well as prepare for the joy that is dog ownership!

Welcoming A Dog

Choosing Your New Companion

Click around within these pages to find helpful tips on how to find your perfect companion pup, article breakdowns on purebreds and mixed breeds alike, a comprehensive checklist for what you need to know before bringing a brand new puppy home, and some tips about the oh-so-sweet and rewarding journey of adopting an older dog.

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How to Introduce a New Puppy to Other Family Dogs
Introducing a new puppy to your other dogs can be a major challenge, but not if you follow these essential...
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10 Black Dog Breeds You're Sure to Love
Black dogs evoke different feelings in people, but black dog breeds are lovable and loyal and come in...
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Lab begging for food
10 Common Foods to NEVER Give Your Dog
Many common foods and snacks that humans eat are harmful and toxic to dogs. Here's a guide to 10 foods...
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10 Best Dog Breeds for Children
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11 White Dog Breeds From Small and Sleek to Large and Fluffy
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10 Things Every New Puppy Owner Should Do
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10 Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog
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Behavior & Training

Going the Distance

Already fully entrenched in your canine cohabitation journey? We have invaluable resources for you too, like tips on how to curb and correct frustrating behaviors, how to break bad habits, and, very importantly, how to teach an old dog a new trick. ;) 

The Most High-Maintenance Dog Breeds
When choosing a dog, it's important to consider how they'll fit your lifestyle. Take a look at these...
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Lost Dog poster in a pole during daytime
10 Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make
A dog is a huge responsibility. No canine deserves to suffer because an owner failed to provide what...
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5 Things to Do If Your Dog Runs Away
Let's talk about at why dogs run, what to do if your dog runs away, and how to reduce the chances of...
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They Are What They Eat

Of course, keeping your pup in tip-top shape is the name of the game, and what better way to do that than by choosing the most nutritious foods for your unique fur babies? You’ll learn how to make your own homemade treats that have all the goodness and none of the synthetic nonsense. There’s also a very helpful guide to everyday foods that are surprisingly toxic for dogs. Don’t be caught off guard!

Can Dogs Get Tetanus?
Dogs can, in fact, be infected by the bacteria that causes tetanus. Although it is uncommon in dogs,...
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Puppy eating a collagen chew stick
All-Natural Dog Treats — The Proof is in the Chew
Looking for an all-natural dog chew to satisfy your dog? Here's what to look for in order to avoid artificial...
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Read This Before Making Homemade Dog Treats
Mass-produced dog treats often come loaded with unhealthy ingredients, preservatives, flavors, and colors....
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Adventures and Outdoor Living

Physical activity is also crucial in caring for your BFF, and we’ve written extensively on fun activities and outdoor adventures that your whole family — fur and skin babies — will love! And we discuss the best ways to keep your pup cool and content in the dog days of summer. 

Easy Tips to Calm a Panting Dog
If your dog appears to be panting excessively, don't panic. Let's look at ways to determine why your...
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Dog in sweater play bowing
How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?
Our four-legged companions rely on us to provide not only love and care but also regular exercise to...
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Group of people outdoors with a dog
24 Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations
Did you know some of the most amazing travel destinations are actually dog-friendly vacation spots? Let's...
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