Getting Started: Cats

Are you a true blue cat person? Or do you suspect you are but haven’t taken the plunge yet? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

Consider this your one-stop-shop to learn about keeping your kitty healthy and happy. From helping you choose your purrfect feline companion, to understanding their oh-so-mysterious behaviors (plus how to discourage some destructive ones), to keeping them in tip-top shape throughout all nine of their lives — we want to make sure this journey is as rewarding as possible.

From all of us here at Pets Hub USA, we wish you health, happiness, and heart-melting kitty snugs and head butts from all your little angels (and demons).

Welcoming A Cat

Choosing Your New Companion

Click around within these pages to find helpful tips on how to find your perfect companion cat,  a comprehensive checklist for what you need to know before bringing a brand new kitten home, tips to bond with your new family member, and some musings about the oh-so-sweet and rewarding journey of adopting an older cat.

Maine Coon
10 Large Cat Breeds with Even Bigger Hearts
Domesticated cats come in a variety of sizes. None of the following are near tiger-size, but check out...
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Oriental Shorthair
11 Best Hypoallergenic Cats
Did you know certain cat breeds were created not to trigger allergies? Here's our roundup of the 11 best...
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The 12 Cutest Cat Breeds No One Can Resist
Even if you're not a cat person, the absolutely adorable allure of the 12 cutest cat breeds you're about...
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Behavior & Training

Going the Distance

Cats are mysterious — that’s just how it is. But we have invaluable resources for you, like cat myths that need to be forgotten (like, yesterday), how to understand what their noises mean, how to bathe them without incident or injury, and, very importantly, how to “discipline” your cat the right way

mad cat
10 Biggest Mistakes Cat Owners Make
Because cats are so independent, some owners can inadvertently be less attentive to their needs than...
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kitten in tree meowing
Common Cat Noises and What They Mean
The meows, purrs, yowls, and chirps from your feline aren't random — they're communicating with you....
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Sleeping kitten
10 Essential Things Every New Kitten Owner Should Do
Bringing a new kitten home with you is exciting, but being prepared is essential. With a bit of love...
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They Are What They Eat

Kitties are notoriously finicky eaters, they have a tendency not to drink enough water, and their little systems are not set up to digest a lot of common foods you’ve got in your home. Luckily, we’ve got all the info you need to keep them well-fed and happy.

Common Foods That Are Toxic to Cats
Common foods that humans eat can be dangerous or even toxic to cats. Here is a list of 14 foods to never...
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cat drinking out of faucet
7 Easy Tips to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water
It's important to create an environment that will get your cat to drink more water. You can start by...
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cat eating
10 Tips for Feeding Cats Who Are Finicky Eaters
Is your house full of finicky eaters? Here's what to do if your kitty is regularly turning up their nose...
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Indoor Living

Keeping your cat healthy and happy often means keeping them away from the great outdoors and establishing soothing yet entertaining environments for them in your home. We’ve also got tips on how to keep you and your family healthy and happy while you cohabitate. 

Woman using a lint roller near cat
How to Reduce Cat Allergens in Your Home
Let’s talk about cat allergies. As much as we love our furry family members, and even if you aren’t...
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grey tabby cat outside
What To Do If Your Cat Runs Away
Felines are perfect predators, crafty escape artists, and amazingly skilled at hiding. Fun, right? Here's...
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Cat in bathroom sink
Why Your Cat Loves Being In Your Bathroom
Have you ever noticed how your feline friend seems to run into the bathroom when you open the door? You...
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