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10 Essential Things Every New Kitten Owner Should Do

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Bringing a new kitten home with you is exciting, but being prepared is essential. With a bit of love and attention, they will become a cherished family member for hopefully many years. 

From safety measures to creating a welcoming environment, here are ten essential things to do before bringing your adorable new cat home. Also be sure to check out our article about how to build trust with your new kitten.

1. Identify potential hazards

Kittens are naturally curious and may be tempted to explore tiny spaces or hidden corners. Their tiny paws can get into just about anything! Block off areas where they could get stuck or injured, like behind appliances or under furniture. Double-check window screens and balcony doors to prevent any accidental escapes.

Safeguard your home by identifying potential hazards and putting away anything you don’t want them to get into. Secure cords, tuck away small objects, and move toxic plants out of reach. Consider installing childproof locks on cabinets to prevent your curious feline from getting into cleaning supplies or other dangerous items.

2. Kitten-Proof Your Space

Kittens often knock things over accidentally. Be sure to secure breakables, fragile items, and valuables in a safe place where your new cat can’t reach them. Doing so ensures your cherished possessions remain intact and your kitten stays out of harm’s way.

Consider putting up gates to block off any areas you don’t want them to enter. However, your cat will eventually be more agile, becoming an excellent climber and jumper. What your kitten can’t access now will change as it matures.

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3. Gather Kitten Essentials

Be prepared with all the necessary supplies for your new feline friend. Having these items ready will ensure a smooth transition for your kitten into their new home.

Kitten essentials include:

  • Food and water bowls.
  • High-quality kitten food.
  • A litter box.
  • A collar with a name tag.
  • A scratching post.
  • A few stimulating toys.

You may also want to get a carrier for transporting them to the vet or on trips.

4. Designate a Cozy Corner

Kittens love and need a cozy spot to call their own. Create a welcoming space with a soft bed, a scratching post, and a few toys to help your new kitten feel comfortable and secure.

Creating a designated space for your kitten gives them a safe retreat. It minimizes their chances of exploring to find their own hide-and-seek spots where they shouldn’t be.

5. Set Up a Litter Area

A clean and accessible litter box is crucial for your kitten’s well-being and your home’s cleanliness. Place the litter box in a quiet, easily accessible spot. Remember to scoop it daily and clean it thoroughly to keep your kitten happy and your home odor-free.

For those who cringe at the thought of cleaning out a litter box, don’t worry. Many self-cleaning litter boxes are available, ranging from just over $102 to around $700 on average.

6. Choose a Vet and Schedule a Checkup

Your kitten’s health is a top priority, so find a reputable veterinarian and schedule a wellness check for your new arrival as soon as possible.

Discuss vaccinations, preventative care, and any initial concerns during your veterinary visit. A good vet will provide guidance to ensure your kitten’s health and happiness.

7. Introduce Them to Children and Other Pets Gradually

If you have other pets and children at home, introduce your new kitten gradually. Supervise the initial interactions to ensure a positive experience and safety for everyone.

Remember that your existing pets and your kitten may need some time to adjust to the new family dynamic. Teach children how to interact gently and respect the kitten’s boundaries.

8. Prepare for Play and Exploration

Kittens have boundless energy and love to explore. They also need to play to stay healthy and happy. Create an environment that encourages play by providing toys and climbing opportunities. Invest in interactive toys and scratching posts to keep them engaged and prevent them from scratching furniture.

Play time will help them bond with you and get their energy out. Set aside some time each day to play with your kitten. Established play time helps develop a routine your pet will look forward to.

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9. Train Your New Kitten

Cats need training too! It’s best to start training your kitty right away. They absorb things like a sponge and will learn quickly. However, training a cat takes time and patience. Be consistent with your commands and rewards, and don’t give up.

Be prepared for accidents. Kittens will have accidents in the house, especially in the beginning. Be prepared to clean up messes and be patient with your kitten.

10. Show Them Love and Patience

Bringing a new kitten home is a heartwarming adventure, and it’s important to shower them with love and patience as they adjust to their new environment.

Having any pet is a responsibility and commitment. Be prepared to spend quality time bonding with your new kitten, and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior. Your cat will thrive in a loving and supportive atmosphere.

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