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The 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in the US

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If you need to take your pets with you on a vacation soon, you’ll want to know ahead of time which hotels allow them to stay with you. There’s a handful of hotels in the US that allow pets to stay, so get familiar with them now so you’re prepared ahead of your next trip!

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by alex ohan on Pexels

If you plan to visit Wine Country soon, you might find yourself in Sonoma, California. The good news for pet owners: you can take your cat or dog with you to this high-end spa-style hotel. The hotel offers plush toys, comfortable pet bedding, and close proximity to nearby pet-friendly attractions in the region.

Woodstock Inn & Resort

House Near Road on Forest
Photo by William Alexander on Pexels

If you’re looking for a natural vacation in a slow, calm part of the world, consider visiting Woodstock, Vermont. Your pets will be welcome at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, including amenities like complimentary treats and dog bowls. You can spend a day out hiking on the nearby trails with your pup before retiring to a comfortable hotel room!

Pasea Hotel & Spa

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The Pasea Hotel and Spa in Huntington Beach, California has its own dog park and is very friendly to pets! They even offer a pet menu with their room service. If you want to let your dog go for a swim, you can also visit Huntington Dog Beach nearby.

The Bristol Hotel

hot air balloons flying above trees
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The next time you find yourself in Bristol, Virginia, remember The Bristol Hotel. This affordable hotel allows up to two pets per room if you opt for a pet-friendly package. They provide food and water bowls as well as pet beds and treats at check-in.

The Central Station Memphis, Curio Collection by Hilton

people walking in middle of road in between establishments at night time
Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

If you visit Memphis, Tennessee and want to bring your pets with you, check out the Central Station Memphis, Curio Collection by Hilton. Try saying that one five times fast! Anyone visiting the legendary capital of country music can enjoy time with their furry friends in this upscale hotel.

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The Plaza

the plaza new york hotel in new york city
Photo by Jen Dries on Unsplash

The Plaza Hotel is one of the most famous lodgings in the world, so we’ll waste no time describing this legendary New York landmark. What you might not have realized is that The Plaza allows you to bring up to two pets with you per room at no additional cost.

Whitney Peak Hotel

high-rise building during nighttime
Photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash

Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, Nevada has one of the tallest climbing walls in the world. It’s also pet friendly! The hotel provides bowls, treats, and toys at check-in and the hotel is a short walk from a nearby dog park.

Fairmont Copley Plaza

The Fairmont Copley Plaza” by IM_1251 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

People who have been to Boston or live there know all about the legendary Fairmont Copley Plaza. Pets are welcome here and are given the VIP (very important pet) treatment, including a biscuit box, grooming, and a list of nearby pet-friendly attractions.

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Kimpton Canary Hotel

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Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

The next time you’re in Santa Barbara, California, you can bring your pets with you to the Kimpton Canary Hotel. This well-known landmark has Spanish-style architecture in the historic Californian city. The pet-friendly amenities include water bowls and pet beds at no extra cost.

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The Peabody Memphis

city skyline under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

Memphis hotels really like dogs, apparently! The Peabody is a high-end hotel that’s only a short walk from Beale Street. You can bring pets with you to this historic establishment, but just make sure they stay in carriers or on leashes so they don’t attack the mallard ducks that hang out in the fountain.

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