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10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

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Emotional support can come in many forms, shapes, and sizes in the dog world. From cute and cuddly to large and bighearted. One thing all these breeds have in common is total devotion to your happiness and comfort. If you’re looking for an Emotional Support Animal, start here.

10. Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies are one of the cutest lapdogs to be found. They are perfect as emotional support dogs with their spunky personalities and affection for family and children. However, they may need to warm up to other pets. These highly adaptable dogs can go anywhere with you and are easily stowed under your airline seat. Yorkies are happy snuggling or playing.

9. Havanese


These outgoing little dogs are highly intelligent and will keep you in stitches of laughter. They stand no more than 11.5 inches tall and weigh 7-13 pounds. These little lovers have a calm temperament and get along well with family, young children, other pets, and strangers. Havanese shed little but require daily grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

8. Maltese


Maltese are perfect companions for single adults as they tend to attach to a favorite person. They stand no more than 9 inches tall and weigh under 7 pounds. Maltese love to snuggle or crawl up in your lap. But they’re also athletic and agile. Their luxurious, long coats require daily gentle brushing to prevent mats and tangles.

7. Great Dane

Great Dane

These gentle giants of the dog world (weighing 110-175 pounds) are exceeded in size only by their hearts. They can be aloof with strangers, and they’ll warn and guard you, but they are lovers, not fighters. Despite their size, they love nothing more than to curl up in your lap or to snuggle.

6. Standard Poodle

Close-Up Photography of Poodle
Photo by Berend de Kort on Pexels

Second in intelligence only to the border collie, poodles are lovey-dovey dogs that are highly trainable and eager to please. They love to be near you 24/7. They are almost non-shedding, and their hair is low-allergenic but does require daily brushing to prevent matting. Poodles are affectionate with family and children but may need to warm up to other pets.

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5. The Great Pyrenees

Woman Holding a White Great Pyrenees
Photo by peyton england on Pexels

One hundred pounds of love (or more) is what you’ll get from these large dogs. The Great Pyrenees are calm and affectionate. Their thick, luxurious coat requires significant grooming but will provide stress relief in the soothing, repetitive motions of brushing their hair. The Great Pyrenees aren’t particularly active, which is good for those who only want a shorter stroll.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

Initially created as companion dogs, Cavaliers have long served as sweet comforters and are highly adaptable. Due to their petite size and excellent manners, they make great apartment dogs. Cavaliers stand no more than 13 inches high, weigh between 13-18 pounds, and live from 12 to 15 years. They get along well with family, young children, and other dogs.

3. Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Photo by Irina Balashova on Pexels

A bundle of energy, happiness, cuteness, and playfulness all rolled into one makes Corgis excellent emotional support dogs. Their antics as they zip around are sure to bring entertainment, joy, and a smile to anyone’s face. Corgis stay small forever. There are two types: the slightly larger Cardigan Welsh Corgi or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with its docked tail.

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2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever - Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

These happy-by-nature dogs get along well with everyone, from family to children to other animals. For this reason, Labrador retrievers are a top breed choice for service dogs and emotional support. They are equally happy with activity or resting next to you. Labradors are trustworthy and dependable. They are super-food motivated, making them easy to train.

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1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

As one of the most loyal and devoted dogs on the planet, Golden retrievers offer strong bonding and emotional support. These super-friendly, dogs have endless enthusiasm. Golden retrievers need walking and grooming, so they will keep you active and engaged. Goldens are among the most intelligent dog breeds and are easy to train.

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