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The 10 Most Destructive Dog Breeds

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Many of the dogs on our list are the most beloved and popular breeds, but let us add a warning label. When these dogs are pups, and even afterward, they’re some of the most destructive. Here are 10 breeds that cause chaos.

10. Collie

brown and white rough collie on green grass field during daytime
Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

Everyone adored Lassie, the Collie of TV and movie fame. Lassie made the breed appear to be the perfect dog. But Hollywood’s magic left out the part about what Collies are like as pups. Collies do have an almost “magical” ability to destroy stuff. Whether it’s your kitchen, furniture, garden, or flower bed – an unwatched Collie will get into everything.

9. Chihuahua


Don’t let the tiny size of a Chihuahua fool you. These diminutive destroyers can do more damage than you think. A Chihuahua’s little teeth are quite sharp and can cut through carpets, clothing, and furniture with ease. Never underestimate these tiny terrors with the “big dog” attitudes. They’re also stubborn, aren’t easy to train, and don’t like being told: “No.”

8. Beagle


These dogs were bred to hunt and are a bundle of energy. They need a lot of activity to keep them occupied or destruction will ensue. A lonely beagle will chew on anything and everything they can find. Another favorite pastime of bored beagles is digging. Make sure to keep plenty of chew toys around.

7. Great Dane

Great Dane

Could it be true that the bigger the dog – the bigger the destruction? Maybe. When Great Danes are pups they chew excessively. Leaving them alone too long is a big mistake. Great Danes are often portrayed in movies as creators of catastrophe – now you know why. It’s not fiction. Luckily, Great Danes tend to grow out of this habit.

6. Boxer

Boxer - Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

Boxers are very playful and energetic. If they don’t get lots of exercise, destruction can ensue. They have very strong jaws and a powerful bite. These features add to their destructive capabilities. Boxers have been known to devour the entire arm of a sofa. They’ll also tear your shoes apart. Keep a big supply of chew toys on hand.

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5. Shih Tzu

brown and white shih tzu puppy
Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

You may think of the Shih Tzu as a lovable little lap dog, but don’t be fooled by their hoity-toity appearance. They are actually very sturdy and energetic, especially as puppies. Their favorite activity is digging holes and can destroy your yard in a heartbeat. They also love to chase cats.

4. Dachshund


How destructive could a cute little wiener dog be? More than you expect. Dachshunds were raised to scent, chase, and flush out burrow-dwelling animals. They can dig like a backhoe. Unfortunately, even if you give Dachshunds lots of exercise, sometimes they still just decide to create general destruction or choose your favorite things.

3. Cocker Spaniel

cocker spaniel dog lying on white mat
Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash

When Cocker Spaniels are puppies the whole world is inviting to them. Turn your back and they’ll leave a trail of destruction behind. See cushions, two slippers, sunglasses, one shoe, and a few bites out of the new leather sofa are all in a day’s work for a Spaniel pup. And your garden? It’s next on the list.

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2. Border Collie

Shallow Focus Photography of Adult Black and White Border Collie
Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels

These ultra-energetic dogs always need something to do. If you don’t keep them entertained, they’ll find their own entertainment, which will likely be destructive. They love to chew and can chew through just about anything (except for metal). Keep a close eye on furniture legs and wooden railings. They also like to get their paws in just about everything.

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1. Labrador Retriever

lab puppy, labrador, puppy
Photo by ameliausmoothie on Pixabay

America’s most popular dog breed for the past 30 years, and currently in the #2 slot for popularity, these excellent family dogs come with a caveat: Labradors are destructive. During puppyhood, they’ll chew anything and everything. Furniture, wood decks, and wiring. They also love to dig. They’ll unearth outdoor plumbing and wiring. Top tip: Don’t leave them unsupervised.

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