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These 10 Dog Breeds LOVE the Water

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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a dip into cool water on a hot day. If you’re looking for a swimming buddy who’s always happy to join you for a dive into the pool or lake, these ten dog breeds are for you!

Labrador Retriever

adult chocolate Labrador retriever licking snout
Photo by James Barker on Unsplash

The classic Labrador Retriever is a favorite among dog owners due to their calm demeanor, easygoing personality, and athleticism. They also love going for a swim! Labs were originally bred for hunting waterfowl. They still possess the natural gifts for swimming that their breed was selected for.

Curly-Coated Retriever

curly coated retriever, hunting dog, outdoors
Photo by rctdad on Pixabay

Like their Labrador cousins, Curly-Coated Retrievers love diving into the water. Their trademark curly coats help them stay warm even in cold waters, meaning they can swim during most times of year. They might be related to poodles, hence their distinctive coat patterns.

Boykin Spaniel

animal, boykin spaniel, dog
Photo by traceruk on Pixabay

The Boykin Spaniel is an American dog who was bred in the South to help on waterfowl hunts. They’re small dogs with laid-back personalities and an obedient nature. Boykin Spaniels sport webbed toes and a small, muscular frame that make them great swimmers.

Irish Setter

adult golden Labrador retriever dog surrounded by green grass
Photo by Gary Sandoz on Unsplash

The Irish Setter, like many water-loving dogs, was bred for hunting waterfowl. They possess a glossy coat that acts like duck feathers, repelling water and keeping them warm while they swim. This breed also sports long, powerful limbs that help them swim even in strong currents.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

man in black jacket hugging brown short coated dog
Photo by Rich Morgan on Unsplash

With a name like “Chesapeake Bay,” it’d be surprising if these dense dogs weren’t good swimmers. They boast a double-layer coat that uses oil and a unique pattern to repel water. They originally hail from Virginia and Maryland and were unsurprisingly bred to help on waterfowl hunts.

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white and brown short coated dog lying on green grass during daytime
Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

Newfoundlands are unique in that they’re large dogs who also love swimming. They’re uniquely powerful and strong, having originally been bred to aid in water rescues off the coast of Newfoundland. Their name isn’t very original, but it’s quite accurate.


dog, schipperke, snow
Photo by M1reks on Pixabay

The Schipperke’s strange-sounding name is Flemish for “little captain”. They earned this moniker by helping the crews of sailing vessels by hunting rodents. When you’re spending months at sea, the last thing you want is rats eating your food supplies. Schipperkes love swimming and will always follow you for a dip in the lake.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

toller, beach, dog
Photo by karsten_madsen on Pixabay

Known affectionately as a “toller” in Canada, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a unique breed. Their strange-sounding name is derived from their ability to lure ducks toward their owners—in other words, tolling them. They’re playful and energetic dogs who love playing fetch in the water.


Close-Up Photography of Poodle
Photo by Berend de Kort on Pexels

Poodles might have an urban reputation due to their stylish coats and fancy posture, but don’t let this fool you. They’re rugged outdoorsy dogs who love splashing into the puddles their name is derived from. They were bred to help on waterfowl hunts in France and possess the characteristic powerful limbs and curly coat of an accomplished waterdog.

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Portuguese Waterdog

Chewie (Brown Portuguese Waterdog)
Chewie (Brown Portuguese Waterdog)” by Gamma Man is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a breed with the word “water” in the name is a big fan of swimming. Portuguese waterdogs are right at home on fishing boats, the job they were bred to perform better than any other breed. They’ll happily join you for a day on the lake, whether they’re aboard a boat or swimming through the waves.

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