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10 Tiny Facts About Chihuahuas

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Do you love chihuahuas? They’re fantastic little dogs who get a bad reputation from some people who consider them “annoying.” Let’s dispel some myths and share ten fun facts about the wonderful little pups known as chihuahuas!


brown chihuahua puppy on brown textile
Photo by David Vives on Unsplash

More than anything, chihuahuas are known for their unwavering loyalty. They prefer to have lots of bonding time with their favorite person. They’ll stay by your side through thick and thin and will be a constant companion for years to come.

Small Forever

brown chihuahua on green grass during daytime
Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

If you love small dogs, then a chihuahua is perfect for you. They stay downright tiny their entire lives. Unlike some breeds, they’re not just little when they’re puppies. Consider adopting a chihuahua if you’re looking for a small companion who can fit almost any lifestyle!


Adult Brown Chihuahua
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Like many small dogs, chihuahuas live somewhat longer than other breeds. With proper care and medical attention, a chihuahua can live to be as old as fifteen. That makes these sweet little pups the perfect lifelong companions for any fan of small dogs.

Easy to Train

close up photo of brown short coated dog laying on plush toy
Photo by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash

Chihuahuas are also whip-smart. Don’t let their goofy little faces fool you: they’re among the most intelligent dog breeds! They can learn new things quickly and they love solving puzzles and playing with brain-teasing toys. This all makes them quite easy to train!

Small Appetite

black and tan smooth chihuahua on brown wood log near body of water during daytime
Photo by Tesla Fans Schweiz on Unsplash

Since chihuahuas are so tiny, they’re pretty affordable to feed. They just don’t eat a lot! This is a great upside for some dog owners on a budget. If you’re able to afford some dog food but can’t feed a large breed, consider adopting a chihuahua.

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brown and black Chihuahua sitting on tabletop
Photo by Herbert Goetsch on Unsplash

Chihuahuas have extremely friendly, playful personalities. They love hanging out with their owners and spending bonding time playing with toys or learning new tricks. They’re often a bit mischievous, too! As a general rule, they’re happy to accompany you wherever you want to go.


Brown Chihuahua
Photo by nishizuka on Pexels

Contrary to popular belief, chihuahuas are quite relaxed. They’ll be happy to meet new people and new dogs as long as they are properly socialized as puppies. You can introduce them to a variety of contexts, and they’ll get along great.


White Tan Smooth Chihuahua
Photo by musicFactory lehmannsound on Pexels

Chihuahuas get their reputation for being uptight from another benefit of their breed: their vigilance. They make phenomenal guard dogs and are great companions for single people. If a stranger comes around your house at night, your chihuahua will make sure you’re aware.

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Aim to Please

chihuahua sitting beside camera bag
Photo by thanh hien on Unsplash

Your chihuahua is likely to play along with whatever goofy shenanigans you want to get into. If you’re looking for a dog who will wear cute outfits, hang out in a purse, or learn cute tricks that will delight your friends, you can’t go wrong with a chihuahua. They’re just happy to see you happy.

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Easy to Find

Black and Tan Chihuahua
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels

It’s very easy to find a chihuahua or a chihuahua mix. The breed is ubiquitous, and their best traits often show up when mixed with other dog breeds. Remember, mixed-breed dogs often have better overall health than purebreds thanks to the genetic diversity provided by their distinct parentage.

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