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Why You Should Consider an Elevated Dog Bed

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If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably seen ads for dog beds recently that look… well, more cot than bed. If you’ve ever been curious about whether an elevated dog bed (also called a hammock bed) is better than your tried-and-true — but let’s be honest, probably gross and smelly — pillowy bed, you’ve come to the right place. 

As you’ll find out, there is a plethora of reasons you should consider an elevated bed for your furry friend, especially if you are interested in keeping your dog safe during warmer weather. A hammock bed is also a great choice for dogs who tend to chew (be sure to read our tips on reducing your dog’s destructive behavior). Even veterinarians have espoused their redeeming qualities. But, not all beds — even elevated ones — are created equal. So let’s look at some of the main draws of these accessories and find out if they’re right for your pup.

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Bedsure Elevated Cooling Bed
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Bedsure Elevated Bed

Cooling Comfort


The first thing to note about elevated pet beds is they can be an excellent choice for both older dogs and larger breeds. This is true for two reasons.

One, the elevated nature of this bed, and the trampoline-like fabric and hammock setup, are easy on the joints. Anyone who’s ever had a larger breed knows that hip and knee problems can plague these poor pups — and the more sedentary they are, the more likely they are to stay sore and stiff and to develop pressure sores from laying on the hard ground too often.

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The second reason this bed can be great for older and larger dogs is that it’s cooling. Because your pooch stays up off the ground, air can circulate underneath them, keeping them cooler in warmer temperatures. This is a big deal.

Heat stroke is a real issue for some breeds — specifically with older dogs, and those with thick coats of fur. But small breeds aren’t immune to this condition either. Breeds with flat faces, like pugs and bulldogs, are especially susceptible. Keep an eye on your fur baby when in extreme heat conditions, watching for signs of excessive panting, drooling, or vomiting.

Check out our tips on keeping your dog safe during heatwaves.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

So elevated beds can help to keep pets cool, whether used indoors or outdoors. But there are other perks of using these beds outdoors aside from temperature regulation. 

Do you have an overly itchy pup? There’s nothing more pitiful than a dog who obviously isn’t comfortable in their own skin. Well, good news! An elevated bed can keep your dog out of the dirt and grass outdoors (and off the carpet indoors, another major allergy culprit). 

This not only mitigates the allergens that can wreak havoc on your dog’s skin, but it can also help them stay clear of fleas and ticks. This will keep them considerably less itchy, and make it less likely that those little buggers will get tracked into your house.

Yeah. Enough said.

Strong and Durable


Elevated beds come in several sizes — the smallest can work for toy breeds and cats, while some larger beds boast a weight capacity of 150 lbs or more. That covers a lot of breeds, and good thing! As we discussed earlier, larger dogs are far more prone to things like knee and hip issues, which make lying on a cold hard floor just outright painful.

It’s a good idea to size up if you’re in between sizes or unsure, so your big guy has plenty of room to stretch out on his comfy new bed.

Elevated beds are also known to be extremely durable. If you’ve got a pup who loves to chew through everything — like my friend’s dog who literally ate through a Kong toy within a couple of hours — this might be an excellent choice. 

The frames are metal, which isn’t exactly inviting for nervous chewers. And the trampoline-style fabric cover isn’t so easy on the teeth either. Whether your puppy is going through a teething phase or your old girl just never grew out of hers, this could be a great choice.

See 10 ways to reduce your dog’s destructive behavior if you are dealing with a serious chewer.

Easy Care

Another popular selling point is that elevated beds are easy to clean — and before you shrug that off as inconsequential, think back to a time when you had a house-training puppy, a sick adult, or a senior dog make an unintentional but devastating mess on your carpet, couch, or other fabric surfaces.

I’ll wait while you let that sense memory kick in…

Seeing as this is basically a mini trampoline, when those messy occasions arise — or when you just want to freshen up your space because, well, dogs be smelly — just cart the thing outside and rinse it with a hose. 

Also worth noting is the elevated bed is robot vacuum-friendly. A wonderful thing to keep the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds at bay. Of course, your mileage may vary on how your dog will react to such an intrusion.

Lastly, as her new bed offers your pup her own domain, your couch just might be spared the extra hair, dirt, drool, and general wear and tear. Maybe. They’re stubborn creatures in my experience, and you know you’re still going to want some couch cuddles anyway.

Quick and Easy Assembly


For the most part, these beds are known to be quick and easy to assemble, though the exact model might make a difference in this case. Some, like the Large Elevated Cooling Outdoor Bed from Bedsure — our personal pick — are notably simple to set up.

This also makes elevated beds great for traveling, since they’re so easy to take apart and put back together again. Want to hang out at the park with the kiddos? Make sure to bring the Rover’s new bed! Not only will he feel like King of all he surveys while he keeps watch over his babies, he’ll stay extra cool and comfy while he does it.

What People Are Saying

So yeah, all of this sounds great. But what do people who’ve purchased them have to say? Let’s take a look at Bedsure’s nearly 20,000 ratings. Here are some highlights:

“I’ve wanted one of these for years for my pups, but they were way too expensive for me to invest in. I needed a large or extra large for my rotty mix. Amazon had the large size on sale, so I took a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. The large fits all 4 of my dogs. It was easy to put together as it comes in 7 pieces. All pieces fit perfectly. It took a total of 10 minutes to put together with a screwdriver. I did it while sitting in my recliner.”

“I avoided buying the elevated type of dog bed because, frankly, I perceive them to be esthetically unpleasing. However, living in the tropics with the heat and puppies that love to play in dirt, the washing of beds became a daily exercise. Function overrides esthetics. These beds are very easy to assemble.”

“Putting it together I was concerned it would not hold up. I was wrong. It holds up well. I put it on our carport for my little doggie. Now, she no longer lays on the concrete, she lays on her raised bed. She is very happy with her new bed.”

“This bed has been a lifesaver, my chocolate lab is constantly in and out of the pool and is almost always wet or has some mud on her, this bed helps her be able to dry a bit quicker and it keeps my couches from getting wet. I will be recommending this one to anyone who asks because it has held up so well against two dogs. This thing still looks basically brand new.” 

Possible Cons


All in all, an elevated pet bed — and Bedsure’s model in particular — seems like a no-brainer. But there are a few caveats you should keep in mind. After all, no product is ever going to please everybody.

If your pup is vision-impaired, or has another severe disability that impedes their movement or balance, getting up on an elevated bed could be tricky, scary, or uncomfortable. No matter your dog’s health condition, it’s a good idea to set the bed against a wall or in a corner so it feels extra secure.

If you’re dealing with a heavily pregnant mama or new, nursing pups, the setup will be less than convenient.

While the bed is nearly indestructible and is a deterrent for chewers, diggers are a different story. If your dog regularly digs in their beds, the fabric on the Bedsure could fray and eventually develop holes.

And last but not least… if you have a hyperactive little monster who could regularly give Tigger a run for his bouncy-trouncy-flouncy-pouncy money, do you really want to give them a springboard? 

The Verdict


In our eyes, the Bedsure is a great investment for your average pet owner (the smaller beds could be used for kitties too!). It’s especially great for large dogs, older dogs, dogs with allergies, breeds prone to heat stroke, and families who want to keep the mess/smell to a minimum. 

Bedsure, which should be noted is a company that makes high-quality bedding not limited to the pet variety, sells elevated beds that range in price from $25 to $80 (some are bundled with other blankets, beds, or toys). They also come in a variety of colors. The large bed is elevated eight inches off the ground.

The Bedsure Large Bed is officially listed as Amazon’s Choice, and the company boasts 309,000 happy customers.

As always, do your own research to see if this is the right fit for you. But that many people probably won’t steer you wrong.

Our Top Pick

Bedsure Elevated Cooling Bed
Comes in 4 Sizes
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Breathable Mesh

Bedsure Elevated Bed

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