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Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Fur from Matting

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Certain breeds are more prone to matting. It’s important to recognize matted fur and understand what you can do, and when to seek professional help. Prevention is key. Here are tips to keep your dog’s fur from matting.

10. Know Your Dog’s Breed Characteristics


All dogs can get matted hair. However, certain breeds are more susceptible due to the type of fur and its length. Matting is most common among breeds with long, silky hair, or curly/wavy hair. The breeds most prone to matting include Poodles/poodle mixes, Yorkshire Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Frises, and Shih Tzus. These breeds require regular grooming.

9. Know Your Dog’s Hair Type

a woman holding a small white dog under a blanket
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

It’s important to recognize matted fur and know a breed’s hair type before you consider brushing. The coats of different breeds require different brushes to get to the root of the hair and brush it effectively. Brushes will have different sizes, lengths, spacing, and bristles. Among brush choices are slicker brushes, soft bristle brushes, pin brushes, and combs.

8. Brush Regulrarly

Photo of Woman Brushing Her Dog
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

Prevention by brushing your dog’s fur regularly is the most effective way to prevent matting. This removes loose hairs that can potentially turn into mats. Further, brushing spreads the natural oils evenly through their fur to keep it healthy and shiny. Make sure to cover the entire dog as you brush to ensure no areas are missed.

7. Bathe Frequently With the Correct Shampoo

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Frequent baths with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will keep your dog’s fur clean and tangle-free. Use shampoo designed for dogs, not humans. Brush your dog’s fur down before bathing. It’s important not to rub your dog’s coat as you shampoo because this can cause matting. Instead, gently massage the shampoo in the direction of hair growth.

6. Dry Your Dog Properly After a Bath

Dog Head Wrapped in Blanket or Towel
Photo by Marina Zvada on Pexels

Properly drying your dog after a bath ensures mats aren’t created. Letting double coat breeds air-dry risks the undercoat becoming compacted and matted. You must brush the dog’s coat out as you dry. Gently run a hair dryer over the coat. Don’t rub the dog down with a towel. For long-haired breeds, press the towel at intervals rather than rubbing.

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5. …Or Don’t Bathe Your Dog (At Home)

Dog groomer

Some groomers recommend that bathing dogs with fur prone to matting is best left to the professionals. People use the wrong technique, the wrong shampoo, and the wrong hairdryers. Some groomers say the hairdryers that people have at home are too hot, which causes skin irritation. This encourages the dog to scratch which leads to matted fur.

4. Feed Your Pup the Right Diet

a brown and white dog eating food out of a bowl
Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Diet plays a key role in preventing matting. For a strong healthy coat to stay in peak condition, it relies on proper nutrition which includes enough protein in fatty acids. Dogs need lots of omega-3s. Consider feeding your dog animal-based oils derived from either salmon, fish, or krill. This provides omega-3s in a usable form.

3. Use a Detangling Spray

person pouring water on womans hair
Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

Using a detangling spray designed for dogs can make a huge difference in preventing matting. These special sprays create a protective layer on the fur. This layer reduces friction, which makes it easier to brush. Detangling sprays are a wise choice for long-haired breeds that are more prone to matting.

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2. Make Regular Trips to the Groomer

Dog Getting Professional Haircut
Photo by Goochie Poochie Grooming on Pexels

If you have a breed susceptible to matting the best way to detect and prevent matting is to have your dog professionally groomed. This will ensure your dog is properly brushed, bathed, and dried using the right products and techniques. A groomer can remove any matted fur without hurting or harming your dog. 

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1. Recognize When You Need a Professional

brown pomeranian wearing pink towel
Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash

Certain matting situations need professional help. Never cut mats out with scissors as it can cause severe injuries. Extreme matting is best handled by a professional with the proper tools. Matting in a dog’s ears can cause delicate blood vessels to rupture and hematomas. Removal may require a professional groomer or a vet.

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