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10 Part-Time Jobs for Retired Dog Lovers

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Do you love dogs? Are you looking for some things to fill your free time? You have a great opportunity to focus on something you love while making a difference! Whether its volunteering or making some extra money, there are a lot of great options for retired people to get involved, stay healthy, and… best of all… spend some quality time with our favorite furry companions! Keep reading for ten great gigs for retired dog lovers!

10. Dog Foster Care Provider

Man poses with dog

A foster care provider takes a shelter dog home. They provide care for the dog for any length of time, typically until it is ready to be adopted. It helps decrease stress on the dog and helps the shelter learn more about the dog to find them the perfect home. Shelters take care of the medical needs and needed supplies.

9. Animal Shelter Volunteer

Older man at teaching dog to sit at shelter

Many organizations, such as the Humane Society, and local private shelters, have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Duties can range from dog walking to “down and dirty” work to clerical work in an office. Another role is a “Pet Detective,” who helps reunite lost pets with their owners.

8. Guide/Service Dog Puppy Raiser Volunteer

Golden Lab service dog

Organizations such as Guide Dogs of America rely on volunteers to help with raising puppies that will become guide or service dogs. It’s open to all kinds of lifestyles, as long as you can take the dog to most places with you. The compensation comes in knowing you are helping someone with a disability live a better life.

7. Dog Sitter

Woman giving dog a treat

Dog sitters are in high demand. If you’re already someone who spends a significant amount of time at home, dog sitting is something you can do in your own home. You can also dog sit at the home of the owner. Apps such as Rover, Wag!, Fetch!, PetSitter, and Care.com, can help you get dog-sitting gigs.

6. Dog Walker

Man walking dogs

With the busy lives people lead today, they can’t always give their dogs the crucial exercise they need. This has created a demand for dog walkers. There’s lots of flexibility in the number of jobs you choose and when. Apps such as Rover, Wag!, Fetch!, PetSitter, and Care.com, can help you get and manage your dog-walking gigs.

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5. Pet Supply Store Worker

Woman with Corgi in pet shop

Working at a pet supply store is not only a great way to spend time with dogs but with lots of animals. Many pet supply stores allow shoppers to bring their well-behaved dogs into the store with them. Some also offer dog training classes and grooming. This is another great opportunity to interact with more dogs!

4. Doggy Daycare Worker

Four dogs outside at doggy daycare

If you love being around dogs and giving them lots of play and attention, a doggy daycare worker could be your dream job. Doggy daycare facilities work similar to those for children. Expect long hours and cleaning up after the dogs. But what you get in return and love and affection makes it all worth it!

3. Doggy Influencer or Dog Blogger

Man taking photo with pomeranian

If you have fair knowledge about dogs, you can share your experience with the world online, and make a few bucks in the process. You can earn income from sponsored posts, ads, commissions, and selling your own products. Even if you’re not making money, your advice can help others care for dogs and that’s rewarding in itself.

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2. Dog Groomer

Dog groomer

Most communities have a big need for dog groomers. Most dog groomers learn the trade through an apprenticeship of on-the-job training with an experienced groomer for 4-6 weeks. There are also associations for workshops and you can become certified through organizations such as the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

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1. Dog Trainer

German Shepherd puppy being trained

For the serious dog lover, there’s no better way to get one-on-one action with dogs than becoming a dog trainer. The job requires patience, problem-solving, communication skills, and adaptability. There are lots of ways to acquire the skills. Dog trainers aren’t required to be certified, but many choose to receive the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

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