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10 Ways People Should Be More Like Dogs

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Your furry companion is pretty much a four-pawed philosopher. While your dog can’t talk, its attitude and behaviors speak volumes regarding life lessons. Here is canine wisdom: 10 ways people should be more like dogs.

10. Dogs Love Being Outdoors

dog, animal, puppy
Photo by rajabilal_2009 on Pixabay

While the modern world seems to ever further lure people indoors with distractions – we can take a huge cue from dogs. Our furry pals are always excited about being outdoors. Dogs are exuberant over the simple joy of a long walk, or even sitting on the grass and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature.

9. Dogs Love Making New Acquaintances

two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Humans tend to mistreat one another. In many places worldwide, people have learned to be wary of strangers. However, dogs aren’t like that at all. Dogs are always excited about making new acquaintances. Of course, dogs don’t like everyone they meet. But they’re open, and look for a reason first. If they don’t find one, you’ve got a new friend.

8. Dogs Are Quick to Forgive

Photograph of a Man Hugging His Dog
Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels

Dogs are incapable of holding grudges. Sadly, even when dogs are abused, a dog will forgive the abuser and do its best to try to please its master. If people could only engage in forgiveness at a fraction of the depth dogs are willing to go – a lot more love, joy, peace, and harmony would exist worldwide.

7. Dogs Seek and Give Affection

Dog licking woman
Photo by Pet foto on Pexels

A dog won’t hesitate to seek and give affection to others. But how often do we hold back our affection? Sometimes we hold back because we feel it might be awkward. Perhaps someone might think we are being too mushy. We don’t risk potential embarrassment. Unfortunately, we lose the upside of the positive feelings we can give another.

6. Dogs Don’t Hesitate to Express What They Think

dog, cute, animal
Photo by moshehar on Pixabay

A dog barks when it feels the need to speak up. It doesn’t matter where or when – a dog will express its opinion. If a dog doesn’t like another dog, animal, or person – the dog expresses that feeling immediately. The lesson here is that sometimes what needs to be said – needs to be said. Hesitation only dodges the truth.

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5. Dogs Are Always Their Authentic Selves

Shallow Focus Photography of Adult Black and White Border Collie
Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels

Dogs don’t put on airs or do what they think other people want (its master aside). It won’t hesitate to chase down a bird. Dogs remind us not to be something we’re not. While everyone should strive to be a kinder, better person, also be authentic. 

4. Dogs Are Content With the Basics

shepherd dog, dog, domestic animal
Photo by AnjaGh on Pixabay

Dogs don’t need much to be happy. Food, water, a safe sleeping spot. Things that help them survive. Dogs enjoy companionship — someone who will give them a little attention, and walk and play with them. Dogs aren’t focused on external things. For example, health concerns aside, a dog can be equally as happy chewing a free stick as a $50 toy.

3. Dogs Live in the Moment

Goldendoodle in water

While dogs acclimate to a schedule and anticipate things at certain times, they aren’t worrying about such things in advance. Rather, dogs focus on the “now” and are fully engaged in and aware of their environment. They experience life as it is, whether being calm or being active. They’re always present and ready to go at a second’s notice.

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2. Dogs Exude Positivity

white american pitbull terrier puppy
Photo by Omar Rodriguez on Unsplash

Unless a dog is ill, it’s rare to encounter a pooch that doesn’t possess a happy-go-lucky attitude. Dogs are eternally optimistic. They see joy in every moment. Dogs are easy-going and can be just as pleased with activity as relaxation. Not even monotony gets them down. A dog is your ever-cheerful, nonjudgmental cheerleader and companion.

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1. Dogs Are Loyal and Faithful

photo of man hugging tan dog
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Two virtues humans continually fail at are faithfulness and loyalty. Dogs stick by you no matter what. Even if you’re homeless, a dog won’t leave your side. A dog will give its life to protect its owner, not backing down no matter the size of its aggressor. Sadly, even an abused dog will remain loyal, never ceasing efforts to please.

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