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10 Reasons Pit Bulls Are the Best Dogs

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Pit Bulls are one of the most maligned and misunderstood dog breeds of all. Let’s dispel the myths and uncover the facts about this intelligent, loving, tolerant breed. Here are 10 reasons pit bulls are the best dogs.

10. Pit Bulls Are Extremely Affectionate

brown and white short coated dog
Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash

There’s a misconception that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. The opposite is true. Pit bulls are extremely affectionate. Not only are pit bulls a breed with a lovey-dovey attitude, but they love to snuggle up close with their people. No matter where you are, pit bulls want to be right next to you.

9. Pit Bulls Have Great Temperaments

Pit bull, brindle, cute, staffy
Photo by lenelarsen86 on Pixabay

Another myth that needs to be dispelled about pit bulls is that they have bad tempers. Pit bulls are among the most tolerant dogs, scoring better with temperament tests than the general dog population. A study by the American Veterinary Medical Association found that pit bulls are not inherently more dangerous than other breeds of dogs.

8. Pit Bulls Are Friendly to Adults and Children

white american pitbull terrier puppy
Photo by Omar Rodriguez on Unsplash

There’s a misconception that pit bulls are mean to strangers and bad with kids. But the opposite is true. Since the 1990s, people have referred to pit bulls as “nanny dogs” because of their natural tendency to be caretakers. Many recognize the vulnerability of children and show affection toward them.

7. Pit Bulls Are Playful

dog, amstaff, pitbull
Photo by Crazypitbull on Pixabay

Not only are pitfalls affectionate dogs, but they are fun dogs who are intelligent, and athletic. Pit bulls are not one breed, but 4 breeds, one is the American Pit Bull Terrier which was bred for herding cattle and sheep and guarding livestock. They’ve got lots of energy to burn off, so they need and love activity and play.

6. Pit Bulls Are Loyal and Eager to Please

short-coated black and white dog
Photo by Timothy Dachraoui on Unsplash

Pit Bulls are extremely loyal to their owners. They were bred to be protective, but that doesn’t mean aggressive. They are incredibly affectionate and crave human attention. They want to please their owners. Some people call them “velcro dogs” because they tend to stick so close to their owners constantly.

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5. Pit Bulls Are Intelligent and Easy to Train

A Pit Bull Wearing Sunglasses
Photo by Vitaly Kushnir on Pexels

Pit bulls were originally bred and trained for a variety of activities such as herding cattle and sheep, guarding livestock, and protecting families against thieves and wild animals. They’re considered to possess above-average intelligence compared to other dog breeds and are considered to be on par with breeds such as German Shepherds.

4. Pit Bulls Are Very Sociable

close-up photography of puppy
Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash

The myths surrounding pit bulls unfairly portray them as aggressive dogs that can’t be trusted around humans other than their owners or other animals. But in truth, they are very social dogs. They will often follow your lead in how you treat others. As with any dog, they need proper training and socialization to behave well.

3. Pit Bulls Are Great Family Dogs

Brunette Woman Hugging Dog on Grass
Photo by Guillermo Paxi on Pexels

Pit bulls are in the top 23% of all breeds for their temperament. That’s why they are successful as service dogs, therapy dogs, K9 police dogs, and as family pets. In truth, they make excellent family dogs. Like most breeds, they need proper training and supervised interaction with children in the beginning.

2. Pit Bulls Are Low-Maintenance and Healthy

short-coat tan and white dog with grey leash
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Because pit bulls are derived from four breeds of dogs, it gives them extensive genetics, and that diversity has advantages. They typically have good health and lengthy life expectancies. Their short coats only shed moderately and only need regular bathing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. They’re low-maintenance as long as they get regular exercise.

1. Adopted Pit Bulls are Safe and Eternally Grateful

pit bull, terrier mix, head
Photo by JodyDellDavis on Pixabay

The most important myth to dispel about pit bulls is that they aren’t safe to get from a rescue unless acquired as puppies. Not true. Most rescues will not offer adoption for or accept pit bulls with any level of aggression or excessive shyness toward humans. An adopted pit bull needs human love and will show its owner eternal gratitude.

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