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10 Ways Your Dog Is Trying to Say “I Love You”

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You might not find it surprising to hear that your dog adores you. It’s one of the most fundamental truths about dogs: they wag their tails, play fetch, and love humans. But you might not realize these ten ways your dog is trying to say, “I love you”.

Relying on You

photo of man hugging tan dog
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Your dog relies on you more than you might think. If your canine companion is scared, anxious, or hurt, they rely on you to comfort them and keep them safe. This is a huge vote of confidence in you and shows how deeply they care about you.

Looking in Your Eyes

Close-Up Photo of Brown Dog
Photo by Jayson Lorenzo on Pexels

It might seem obvious to humans to look at people and pets in their eyes. However, in the animal world, looking another creature in the eyes is often a challenge. If your dog looks you in the eyes, though, it probably means they’ve picked up on the human habit and are looking back at your as a way to show respect.

Bringing You Toys

black and white border collie puppy playing green tennis ball on green grass field during daytime
Photo by Andy Powell on Unsplash

Your dog’s toys are more precious to them than you might know. When they bring you their toys, they’re both showing you that they’re ready for playtime and also that they trust you enough to share that exercise and play with you!

Licking Your Face

Dog Licking the Face of a Man
Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels

This one might go without saying, but your dog isn’t trying to annoy you by licking your face. That’s their way of “kissing” you, showing you how much they care about you by slobbering all over you. It’s a high honor, even if it feels a bit invasive to the unaware.

Jumping up at You

A Woman Playing with her Dog in the Countryside
Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels

This is another behavior that can seem “disrespectful” to humans who don’t know better. If your dog is jumping up at you and trying to play rough with you, this means they trust you immensely and want to share their exercise time with you!

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Dog “Smiling”

A white dog with its tongue out on the beach
Photo by Ozan Tabakoğlu on Pexels

Dogs don’t quite smile like humans do, but if you know what to look for you can see a similar “expression”. When your fuzzy friend has a loose body language, a lolling tongue, and a relaxed air, they’re “smiling”. If they take this posture with you, they love you!

Sniffing You

Photo of Person Holding Black And White Dog
Photo by Bekka Mongeau on Pexels

Sometimes dogs can sniff you in places that are a bit invasive. This might seem rude, but it’s just them showing you respect! They pick up so much information from smell that they’re basically trying to get to know you by smelling you.

Following You

Full body side view of female owner caressing cute black Border Collie on rural road in countryside on summer day
Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels

Dogs are extremely social animals. If your pooch follows you everywhere you go, they’re not trying to annoy you. They just really love your company! Dogs often shape their schedules around their treasured owners. If your dog is your shadow, they love you deeply.

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Sleeping in Your Bed

labrador retriever, dog, pet
Photo by Chris_69 on Pixabay

Some dog owners can’t stand their pets sleeping in the bed with them. However, if your pup wants to sleep next to you, this means they trust you a lot. In nature, packs sleep together in a huddle for safety. If your dog wants to join you when you’re snoozing, they’re showing you a deep amount of loyalty.

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Comforting You

Photograph of a Man Hugging His Dog
Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels

The same way your dog might rely on you for comfort, they know you rely on them, too. If you come home from a tough day crying, your dog might run up to be there with you. This shows that they see you as part of their pack and want you to cheer up. It also means they love you more than you might know!

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