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The 10 Weirdest Dog Breeds You’ll Ever See

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Dogs come in all sizes and varieties, and some look bizarre compared to other breeds. But any true dog person has never met a breed they couldn’t find a reason to love. Here are 10 weird but wonderful dog breeds.

10. Xoloitzcuintli

Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog)
Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless dog)” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also called the Mexican hairless, the Xoloitzcuintli is Aztec and the oldest breed in North America. It comes in three sizes and in either hairless or coated varieties. The hairless variety may have the occasional tuft on its head or tail. The Aztecs believed these dogs had healing powers. Xoloitzcuintli dogs are often winners in the “ugly dog” contests.

9. Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco shepherd dog
File:Bergamasco shepherd dog – merle female cropped.jpg” by Towncommon is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Bergamasco Sheepdog has three coats. Parts of the coat form into matted dreadlocks that protect against bad weather. On the fuller part of the body, it forms wavy ringlets like a goat. The hair on the head is finer. The 3 coats shield against the sun, and provide insulation and camouflage.

8. Catalburun 

Dogs and Puppies Wiki CC-BY-SA

The weirdest thing about the Catalburun dog breed is its nose. Its nose is split into two halves. It’s only one of three dog breeds to have them, along with the Pachon Navarro and the Andean Tiger Hound. The Catalburun’s nose has a purpose. This breed has one of the best senses of smell among pointer and hunting breeds. 

7. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds look like something between a shaggy pony and a greyhound. These giant dogs stand nearly 3 feet tall on all fours and 7 feet tall on hind legs. Weighing between 105-120 pounds, some reach 180 pounds. They were named for their ability to dispatch a wolf in single combat. Sadly, they have short lifespans of only 6-8 years.

6. Bull Terrier

Close up of White Dog Head
Photo by Kenny Fotos CR on Pexels

The Bull Terrier is one of the only breeds to have triangular, almond-shaped eyes. It also has an egg-shaped head and a flat face. This is one odd-looking dog. Because of its strange appearance, the Bull Terriers are often used in media, such as Bullseye, the mascot for Target, Bud Light mascot Spuds MacKenzie, and Scud in Toy Story.

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5. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Rembrant
Brussels Griffon Rembrant” by The original uploader was Dan9186 at English Wikipedia. is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s not hard to imagine a Brussels Griffon being a character seated in a bar in a Star Wars movie. They look like they might be some kind of alien creature. The Brussels Griffon only stands 7-10 inches tall and weighs 8-10 pounds. These dogs are difficult to breed, with mothers often needing cesarean sections to give birth.

4. Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund
Catch!” by LundeBenoni is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

These dogs may look normal at first glance, but check out their feet. Norwegian Lundehunds are born with double dewclaws. They have 6 toes on each foot. These pups can also bend their head backward along their spine. They aren’t aliens. However, these features helped them cling to the cliffs where they were bred.

3. Cambodian Razorback

Cambodian Ridgeback
Dog Breed Info

Many dogs have a strip of hackles, which are stiff hairs along the back that raise when the animal is alarmed or angry. However, the Cambodian Razorback is a member of a group of dogs that naturally have long, raised here across their spine. Such dogs are called the ridgebacks.

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2. Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid
Perro sin Pelo in Peru” by corinne_benavides is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Peruvian Inca Orchid, also known as the Peruvian hairless, is thought to have originated in Asia. However, their name comes from the Spanish conquered Peru. Because some have spotted skin, explorers called these dogs “Perros Flora,” or “flower dogs,” after discovering them among the Peruvian Inca orchard houses. They need protection from the sun and cold.

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1. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Dog
Chinese Crested Dog” by Sheri Terris is licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the better-known hairless dog breeds and a frequent winner of “ugly dog” contests is the Chinese Crested. Some are hairless, some are not. Even the hairless have tufts of hair on the head, tail, and ankles. “Powderpuffs” have a soft, silky coat. Cresteds average 11-13 inches tall and weigh 8-12 pounds. The hairless variety has no odor.

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