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10 Best Cartoon Dogs Ever Drawn

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Since dogs are humankind’s best friend, it’s only natural they’d be our cartoon companions too. Cartoon dogs are even better, as some can speak and even have superpowers. Here are the 10 Best cartoon dogs ever.

10. Spike: Rugrats

Spike from Rugrats

Although in nearly every episode, Spike wasn’t usually featured as a main part. Nonetheless, the fiercely loyal Spike was always ready to protect Tommy and the crew when needed. He’s also very protective of babies. When the Rugrats ventured to new locations, they usually left Spike at home. Spike was of a fictional breed called “Siberian Tiger Hound.”

9. Odie: Garfield

Odie from Garfield

Even though Garfield constantly berates Odie as an idiot, his alone moments show us the Beagle is probably the smartest character in the comic strip. He’s read War and Peace and listens to classical music. Odie knows Garfield’s mistreatment is playful and knows that, deep down, the feisty cat really loves him.

8. Spunky: Rocko’s Modern Life

Spunky from Rocko's Modern Life

Tail-wagging Spunky is Rocko’s pet bull terrier. Not the brightest dog on the planet, but totally lovable. He doesn’t walk on his legs, he drags his butt. Spunky stares into space on occasion and drools in his water bowl, then drinks it. He’ll also eat anything in sight, even moldy slime. Nonetheless, he plays a central role in many episodes.

7. Clifford: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog
PBS Kids

Clifford is a 25-foot-tall, bright red Labrador retriever, who’s friendly and owned by an eight-year-old girl named Emily Elizabeth. The episodes usually had two stories, one about Clifford and his canine friends told from his point of view, in which he used human speech. The other focused on Emily and her friends, where Clifford would bark to show his understanding.

6. Blue: Blue’s Clues

Blue from Blue's Clues

One of the most beloved cartoon dogs of all time, Blue engaged the minds of countless children with its irresistible mysteries. Many people thought Blue was a he, but she is one of the best detectives ever. Unable to talk, Blue nonetheless helped her incompetent owner by leaving a series of clues.

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5. Santa’s Little Helper: The Simpsons

Santa's Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper is a racing dog who was abandoned by his owner after coming in last in a greyhound race. Luckily (or not) he was adopted by the Simpsons. Sometimes the family loves him and other times they want to get rid of him. Nonetheless, this lovable pooch seems to find his way back into the family’s arms.

4. Brian: Family Guy

Brian from Family Guy

Brian is, without a doubt, the most human-like cartoon dog of all time, after all, this dog has a last name. Walking on his hind legs and possessing opposable thumbs, this anthropomorphic white Labrador retriever even drives. Brian communicates just like people do, and has even written a novel, script, and a best-selling self-help book.

3. Tie: Pluto & Goofy: Disney

Pluto and Goofy
The Disney Channel

Unlike other cartoon dogs that seem to have human powers, Pluto has your basic dog abilities. Plus, his master is a mouse that’s somehow much larger than him. On the other hand, Goofy is just that and provides lots of slapstick laughs. He’s also human-like, wearing clothes and walking upright. He’s a close friend to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

2. Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!


Scooby-Doo speaks in broken English, managing to say, “Roh-roh” (oh-oh) whenever there’s trouble. Despite occasionally seeming to lack brains, Scooby nonetheless manages to solve nearly all of the cases the four teens take on. A male Great Dane with an endless appetite, he’s always after a “Scooby snack.” He’s famous for his catchphrase, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!”

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1. Snoopy: Peanuts

Apple TV+

Apart from Lassie, Snoopy the Beagle may be the most well-known fictional dog of all time. Seen in countless comic strips and numerous TV specials, the imaginative Snoopy brought comic relief to the Peanuts series. Snoopy has had a lunar module, and numerous planes, blimps, and other flying machines named after him. In fact, Snoopy is the official mascot for aerospace safety.

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