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Ten Reasons to Never Own a Cat

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While pet dogs are quite common, many people think twice before adopting a cat to be their faithful furry companion. Here are ten reasons why pet owners might reconsider adopting a cat—and why they should reconsider AGAIN.

Natural Predators

Orange Tabby Cat on Walking
Photo by Jody Parks on Pexels

Cats are extremely lethal natural predators. As such, keeping an outdoor cat can result in devastation to your neighborhood’s local wildlife. This is easily remedied, though. Just keep your kitty inside! They’ll be safer and less prone to diseases and fleas this way, too.

Powerful Smell

A black cat sits in a litter box
he sleeps in the litter box” by wolfsavard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Many would-be cat owners turn their noses up at the idea of an animal who relieves themselves indoors. Cat litter boxes can smell quite powerful if not properly maintained. However, with regular cleaning and the right type of litter, the powerful smell of a litter box can be controlled—which will make you and your cat both happier.

Expensive to Care For

black and white cat lying on brown bamboo chair inside room
Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Cats have a reputation for being expensive to care for. While this is true, it’s also true of most pets! Dogs require a similar number of vet visits as cats and often need specialty, expensive food. Small mammals and fish require special housing, and reptiles are notoriously expensive to keep. This popular belief is just misinformed!

Hard to Train

brown Scottish fold in brown thick-pile blanket
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Compared to dogs, it can be tricky to train cats. Cats don’t really learn “tricks” the way dogs do, and often won’t listen when their owners call them or issue them commands. However, this willful nature is part of their charm. If you want an animal to heed your commands, you’re better off with a dog.


Brown Tabby Cat Scratching Head
Photo by FOX on Pexels

Another common complaint about cats is the ease with which they attract fleas. While this is true, it’s the same story with dogs. When your cat gets fleas, you need to spring for flea treatment and clean your home to eliminate flea eggs to prevent recurrent outbreaks—but this isn’t unique to cat owners.

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Silhouette of Cat in a Studio
Photo by Rabeebur Rahman on Pexels

Cats groom themselves (a huge plus for some owners!). This means they ingest a lot of cat fur, and they often hack this material back up as a hairball. This can be unpleasant for many would-be owners. While it’s far from ideal, it’s just part of owning a cat! They clean themselves, and sometimes you need to clean up after them.


paw of white and black cat
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

Cats have extremely sharp claws at the ends of their paws, and they like to use them! Some would-be owners complain of cats shredding their furniture or otherwise scratching humans during playtime. Both of these behaviors can be easily addressed, though. Providing cats with ample scratching posts so they can sharpen their claws keeps them from clawing up the furniture. Moreover, employing careful playtime practices, such as using long toys, can keep them from scratching you when you give them exercise.


orange Persian cat sleeping
Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash

Many people have cat allergies. As many as thirty percent of Americans are allergic to cat dander. While this is unfortunate, allergies to dander are both manageable and common for pet animals. Don’t hold allergies against cats: they can’t help that they make your nose run!

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european shorthair, cat, animal
Photo by guvo59 on Pixabay

Because they groom themselves, cats are also prone to leaving their fur all over the place. This is especially true in the summer months. However, a housekeeping routine including lint rollers and vacuum use can help keep this under control. And let’s be frank, we could all stand to clean our houses a bit more diligently.

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They’re “Boring”

cat, young animal, kitten
Photo by susannp4 on Pixabay

This is the most baffling common complaint about cats. Would-be owners often say that cats are “boring,” noting that they require you to entertain them instead of the other way around. Cats are far from boring, though! They’re inquisitive, playful animals with big personalities. You just need to approach them on their own terms to experience all the little joys of cat ownership.

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