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10 Ways to Protect Your Pets in Your Will

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Have you ever considered who would care for your pets if you became incapacitated or passed on? Planning can give you peace of mind, knowing your furry friends will be cared for. Here are 10 ways to protect them.

10. Establish Pet Ownership

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There are lots of situations that can blur the lines with pet ownership. For example, a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend. A friend who’s temporarily caring for a pet. A divorce situation. It’s important to meet with an attorney who specializes in pet custody. They can help establish your legal ownership and nullify any disputes that could potentially occur.

9. Establish a Guardian

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Determine who would be interested and capable of being responsible for the care of your pets. If there’s no one able to commit, talk to rescue organizations and no-kill animal shelters. There are also organizations, such as Animal Samaritans, that will commit to taking in your pet for life as long as you provide reasonable financial support for their care.

8. Update Your Will

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After establishing your ownership and a future guardian for your pets, update your will to include specific instructions for how you wish your pets to be treated. This will clarify your intentions and make them legal. In most states, the law views pets as personal property. Therefore, like most possessions, ownership of your pets is transferred in a will.

7. Create a Pet Trust

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The best way to secure money for the future care of your pets is through the creation of a “pet trust.” This will make it easier for your guardian or guardian organization to access funds to fulfill their commitment. A good rule of thumb is $1000 for every year you expect your pet to live without you.

6. Document the Guardian’s Agreement

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You’ll need a document that specifies the expectations of your pet’s guardian or guardian organization. This can be created in a basic agreement letter that the guardian signs. This is their acknowledgment of what they will do, when, and under what circumstances. Use a notary for the signatures, and make multiple copies.

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5. Create a Pet Savings Account

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Covering all possible scenarios, it could happen that while you are still living, you could become incapacitated and unable to care for your pets. In that situation, a pet trust may not provide immediate access to funds a guardian for your pet would need. In this case, a pet savings account can make funds available.

4. Describe Your Pets in All Documents

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In all your documentation, it’s important to describe all of your pets to reiterate which are yours. This is especially helpful if the guardian becomes an organization or shelter. Make sure all of your documentation includes the names of the animals, their species, their breed (if known), colorings, markings, and microchip numbers.

3. Include “All Future Pets” in All Documents

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There’s always the possibility that you could acquire additional animals that don’t immediately get added to your will and trust. Therefore, it is important to include the phrase “all future pets” in your legal documents. That way, any new animals not yet added to your document would still legally be part of your will and trust.

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2. Include a List of Your Pets’ “Favorite Things”

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It’s also important to consider the future happiness of your pets. Making a list of their favorite things such as food, treats, and toys, can help a future guardian ease their stress. Also, include a reminder to your guardian that your pets’ microchips need to be updated with new contact information.

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1. Maintain Regular Veterinarian Visits for Your Pets

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Another way of ensuring a good future for your pets is ensuring their health today with regular vet visits. The better their health now, the better in your absence. It also lowers the cost of their future care. If your wish was for your pet to get adopted into a new home, they’ll have a better chance if they’re healthy.

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