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10 Silly Dog Pictures to Make You Smile

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Maybe you’ve had a rough day at the office. Or maybe like many of us, you’re feeling down because of all the events going on in the world. No matter what is giving you the blues, you can count on these silly, derpy dogs to bring a smile to your face.

What is life to a dog? Something we should all aspire to, that’s what!

Funny Face Coming In Fast!

Funny Face dog
Funny Face – running dog by ninfaj is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Should we be afraid or amused? It’s hard to say here but this dog seems to be close to breaking the sound barrier. Whether it’s a tasty treat or a ball she’s running after is hard to say, but we love the enthusiam either way!

Eyebrows for Days

Eyebrow Dog
Funny Dog – LaLa” by Brent Ho is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Whether you think this looks like Groucho Marx or Eugene Levy as a dog, it’s hilarious either way. Dogs are known for their expressive eyebrows–a trait they developed to communicate with humans–but this is truly next level.

You’re Taking Me WHERE?

Silly Dog
Silly Dog” by allenthepostman is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Judging by the look on this dog’s face, it’s clear that his owner told him they were going to the dog park but has actually pulled into the veterinarian’s office. Maybe not the best day for this pup, but a good dog owner always makes preventative healthcare a priority!

You’re Home!!!

Shallow Focus Photography of Adult Black and White Border Collie
Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels

There’s no joy in the world like the look your dog gives you when you come home from the office. Or even if you were only out for 15 minutes to run errands. If only the people in our lives showed such unfiltered happiness when we walk into a room!

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Mom Dressed Me

I have socks
Photo by Surdu Horia on Pexels

Remember how ridiculous you felt when you were a kid and your mom dressed you to play in the snow? So many layers you could hardly move! This pup must be feeling a similar emotion. Yet still, dog paws are very sensitive and boots like these are great at protecting them from extreme temperatures whether hot or cold.

“The Look”

Tan and White Short Coat Dog Laying Down in a Brown Wooden Floor
Photo by Bruno Cervera on Pexels

Parents and dog owners know this look all too well. This pup is clearly not getting something that he wants. Attention? Maybe. Something yummy? Most likely. But with a look like that, who can resist? Those puppy dog eyes will pierce your very soul!

Worn Out!

Tired dog
Dogs, man.” by Cherie Priest is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Dogs may be at their funniest when they come in after some active play outside. Watching them give in and collapse on the floor is adorable and satisfying all at once. Maybe you’ll get a little peace and quiet while they recover!

The Mentor

shepherd dog, dog, domestic animal
Photo by AnjaGh on Pixabay

This photo depicts a very important event in a puppy’s life. Dad is teaching him how to dog! Clearly, this attentive little guy will be on the lookout for a stick that is hopefully a little more manageable than the one dad is showing off.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… it’s superdog!

dog, animal, puppy
Photo by rajabilal_2009 on Pixabay

Is this dog running or was she fired from a canon? Your guess is as good as ours. While not the most aerodynamic shape we’ve ever seen, this pup seems to be positively zooming across this field, living her best life and putting all of us to shame.

Drink Up!

Soaked Wet Long-coated Dog Opens Mouth at Water Streams on Green Grass
Photo by Jack Geoghegan on Pexels

Dogs and water. Name a more classic duo! Dogs are certainly not the most elegant when it’s time rehydrate, whether it’s messily lapping up water from a bowl or doing whatever the heck this is when encountering water straight from the hose! But on a hot day, it’s tempting to join in, isn’t it?

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