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10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

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There’s a reason you can’t catch your dog when it runs from you. Human males average 8 mph and females run 6.5 mph. Most dogs double that speed at 19 mph. But the fastest dogs sprint over twice the average speed!

10. Whippet: 35 mph

brown and white short coated Whippet running
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Much like greyhounds, whippets have sleek, aerodynamic bodies that allow them to run like the wind. The fleet-footed whippet reaches a top speed of 35 mph. While not the top-speed sprinter, whippets take the crown for rapid acceleration. Most dog competitions that require acceleration have records set by whippets. Personality-wise, these affectionate dogs love to cuddle with their owner.

9. Dalmatian: 37 mph

A Dog Running Towards a Toy
Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels

Associated with being the companion of firemen, dalmatians can also speed even when they aren’t riding on a fire truck. This spotted pup can reach a top speed of 37 mph. They also have lots of stamina. Dalmatians are exceedingly sweet, affectionate dogs with a gentle demeanor. But they can be shy around new people and situations.

8. Borzoi: 37 mph


The borzoi excels at speed and agility. Previously known as the Russian wolfhound, these sighthounds were bred for chasing down large prey. Borzois can reach a top speed of 37 mph, and average around 35 mph. Originating in Russia, these dogs love cold weather. Even more, they love steady companionship. They need daily exercise to burn off their abundant energy.

7. Jack Russell Terrier: 38 mph

white long coat Jack Russell terrier on green grass field during daytime
Photo by TA-WEI LIN on Unsplash

Jack Russell terriers are feisty, athletic dogs that were bred to hunt fleet-footed foxes at high speeds. As such, the quick and agile Jack Russell can run up to 38 mph. Known for their boundless energy, these intelligent, vocal, headstrong dogs need a job to do to keep out of mischief. They are happiest with companionship, play, and at least an hour of daily exercise.

6. Ibizan Hound: 40 mph

Ibizan Hound
Youtube | Kristiina

Named for the Spanish island of Ibiza, the oldest purebreds of this breed are from Egypt. Bread for hunting rabbits, these hounds can sprint. The Ibizan hound clocks in at a top speed of 40 mph. They’re also exceptional jumpers, leaping to a height of 6 feet. Ibizan hounds are affectionate, outgoing, and love human companionship.

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5. Vizsla: 40 mph


This Hungarian breed (pronounced VEESH-la or VEEZH-la) can reach a blazing speed of 40 mph. Some say the “V” also stands for “Velcro” because these affectionate dogs love to stick by their human. Vizslas are highly energetic and need a lot of time to run and play to live their best life.

4. Afghan Hound: 40 mph

Afghan Hound

Originating in Afghanistan, Afghan hounds are most closely related to Salukis and are a breed of sighthound. These beautiful show dogs can turn on the afterburners. Afghan Hounds can reach speeds of 40 mph. These hunting hounds were known for their ability to track game over long distances. Two hours of exercise daily is needed for health and contentment.

3. Saluki: 42.8 mph


Salukis reach the top running speed of 42.8 mph according to the Guinness Book of Records. These deep-chested, long-legged dogs developed from sighthounds and were bred to run down game animals. Although the Greyhound is faster overall in sprinting, Salukis can maintain speed over longer distances, up to around 800 meters. 

2. Catahoula Leopard Dog: 45 mph

Catahoula Leopard Dog
Youtube | ChristopherRobertson

Catahoula Leopard Dogs have been known to run near the speed of greyhounds, reaching a top speed of 45 mph. This breed originated in Louisiana, and its name comes from its spotted coat. These high-energy hurting dogs need at least two hours of vigorous daily activity to stay well-behaved and content.

1. Greyhound: 47 mph


The fastest dog on earth is the Greyhound, sprinting to a top speed of 47 mph. During racing, greyhounds average around 40 miles per hour. Their tall stature gives them a long stride and their sleek aerodynamic body is advantageous. Greyhounds are gentle, with sweet dispositions, and prefer quiet environments. They love following humans everywhere and are called “Velcro dogs.” 

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