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The Best City in Each State for Dog Lovers

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Traveling with your dog can be much more fun than hitting the road solo. And, sometimes, it’s just easier to bring your pup with you than to board them or try to find a house sitter to keep an eye on them. Here are the best cities to bring your dog to in each state!


landscape photography of cityscape by water
Photo by Zach Farmer via Unsplash

Remy’s Dog Park, Avondale Brewing, and Good People Brewing Company all combine to make Birmingham, Alabama a perfect haven for dogs. Remy’s has an area set aside explicitly for large dogs, so you don’t need to worry about smaller breeds getting trampled. The numerous dog-friendly restaurants and breweries make your pup feel right at home.


cars on road during night time
Photo by Simon Hurry via Unsplash

It should perhaps come as no surprise that there are plenty of fun things for a dog to do in Anchorage, Alaska. You can walk Tony Knowles Coastal Trail with your pup and see downtown Anchorage and Fire Island in the same circuit.


three person on cliff
Photo by Jonny Kennaugh via Unsplash

Tucson is the most dog-friendly city in Arizona. Check out Tucson Botanical Gardens in the summer and you’ll get to see the “Dog Days,” where pets are given free reign from June through September. Normally, there are no pets allowed, so summertime is the best time to visit.


Benton County Courthouse, Bentonville, Arkansas
Image via Openverse

Bentonville, Arkansas is, without a doubt, the best spot in the state for dog lovers. The 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville offers pet-friendly rooms, a modern art museum, and robust room service so you don’t have to worry about finding pet-friendly dining.


white sedan
Photo by James Coleman via Unsplash

Dog lovers in California need to make a trip to Santa Barbara. Between the luxurious, pet-accommodating hotels, the rolling hills, and parks like Douglas Family Preserve, there are more than enough dog-friendly activities for any traveler.

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high-rise brown concrete building
Photo by Henry Desro via Unsplash

Colorado is known for its high altitude, fresh air, and beautiful natural surroundings. This is all on display in Brighton, Colorado, which is replete with walking paths like Lake Perimeter Trail at Bar Lake State Park and pet-loving businesses like Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard.


East Haddam, Connecticut
Image via Openverse

You might have not heard of East Haddam unless you’re from Connecticut but trust us when we say it’s a haven for dogs. Take a trip to Devil’s Hopyard State Park and enjoy a hike with your furry pal before grabbing some delicious food from nearby upscale restaurants.


a row of houses with a clock tower on top
Photo by Praswin Prakashan via Unsplash

Wilmington, Delaware is home to some of the very best dog-friendly attractions in the state. Foremost among them is Carousel’s Bark Park, a dog park with a pond, huge field, and plenty of amenities you and your pup will both love.


silhouette of palm trees near body of water during sunset
Photo by Denys Kostyuchenko via Unsplash

It can be hard to narrow down where to take your dog in the Sunshine State, but Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in DeLand, Florida helps nudge the city to the top of the list. What could your dog love more than a wide selection of treats and nearby Barkley Square Dog Park?


houses under clouds
Photo by Jaanus Jagomagi via Unsplash

If you’re taking a trip to Georgia with your dog, you’ve got to visit Warner Robins. Bars like Tap and Pour offer outdoor seating and welcome your pets. There’s also nearby Wellston Park, a 37-acre outdoor wonderland for your dog to run and play.


blue ocean in front of rockl
Photo by Christian Joudrey via Unsplash

Of course, the entire state of Hawaii is a paradise, but some cities are better for dogs than others. Haleiwa gets the nod as the best Hawaiian city for dogs due to pet-centric establishments like SUP Dog Hawaii, where you can teach your pup how to travel on a paddleboard!


Bank of Meridian
Image via Openverse

Meridian, Idaho is home to Storey Bark Park, a sprawling outdoor recreational area that your pup will love. Nearby Curb Bar and Grill offers delicious food and a pet-friendly atmosphere on the patio that will make you happy you brought your dog along with you!


white and brown city buildings during daytime
Photo by Pedro Lastra via Unsplash

Chicago isn’t just the biggest city in Illinois, it’s also the most dog-friendly city in the state! Check out Navy Pier and enjoy gorgeous views of Lake Michigan before taking a detour to Smack Dab to get a cup of coffee.


Muncie - Indiana
Image via Openverse

Indiana isn’t the middle of nowhere when it comes to dog-friendly businesses. Just check out Muncie, the home of Emerson Dog Park, the Cardinal Greenway, and The Cup coffee shop! This is one little city you have to visit if you pass through the state.


Iowa Theatre ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Image via Openverse

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is known for more than just being the “City of Five Seasons”. It’s also home to Cheyenne Park, a 14-acre recreational area that welcomes canines and humans alike. You can also enjoy numerous outdoor trails at Indian Creek Nature Center.


Kansas City
Photo by Colton Sturgeon via Unsplash

Smack in the middle of the US is Kansas City, a town that straddles the line between Missouri and Kansas. You can find plenty of fun dog-adjacent activities on either side of the state line, like Wyandotte County Lake and Park and St. John’s Park.


a bridge over a river
Photo by Jessica Tan via Unsplash

Convington, Kentucky in the northern region of the state is a small town with a big heart. The Licking River Greenway and Devou Park both offer numerous outdoor attractions for you and your dog to explore. You can also check out The Gruff, a pizzeria with outdoor seating that welcomes dogs.


a group of people walking down a street next to tall buildings
Photo by Kristina Volgenau via Unsplash

Anyone from Louisiana will tell you that the state’s most dog-friendly city is New Orleans. Even if you’re not there during Mardi Gras, there’s still plenty of fun activities in the Southern city, including NOLA City Bark and Southern Paws pet boutique.


Augusta, Maine
Image via Openverse

Augusta, Maine is home to the six-and-a-half-mile Kennebec River Rail Trail and Augusta Dog Park. The plentiful views of the Northern wilderness will reinvigorate your soul while giving your dog ample exercise. When you work up an appetite, check out nearby State Lunch for a sandwich!


St. Michaels, Maryland
Image via Openverse

St. Michaels, Maryland is an historic city in the Chesapeake Bay region. If you want to learn more about its rich history, you and your dog can visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum—just make sure you keep your pup on a leash while you’re there!


body of water near cityscape at daytime
Photo by jacob Licht via Unsplash

Boston is known for more than its marathons and donuts, you know! It’s also the most dog-friendly city in the state of Massachusetts. It’s the home of Polkadog Bakery, where you can grab plenty of fun treats and toys for your favorite four-legged pal.


Water Lake Michigan Grass Sand Beauty Horizon Scenic Peaceful Outdoors Heavenly Calm Tranquil Panoramic Beach People Sunbathing Sunlight Light Blue Sky Shoreline Shore 'Grand Haven and Muskegon July 2'
Image via Openverse

Detroit is great, but it’s not the best Michigan city for dogs. That honor belongs to the lesser-known Muskegon, the home of Petsafe Bark Park that offers distinct areas for large and small dogs. That way you won’t need to worry about your dog getting trampled—or trampling!


aerial shot of concrete structures near body of water
Photo by Nicole Geri via Unsplash

How do you know that Minneapolis is the best city for dogs and their owners in Minnesota? Well, it’s home to the Linden Hills Woofstock dog festival. The popular event hosts live music, a dog fashion show, and pet demonstrations!


Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
Image via Openverse

Biloxi, Mississippi is perfect for dogs and dog owners. You can play all the fetch your heart can stand at either Pixie’s Memorial Dog Park or Popp’s Ferry Dog Park. Then, head over to Biloxi Lighthouse Park and enjoy a relaxing stroll with your furry friend.


brown wooden bridge over river
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash

While Kansas City is great for dogs, there’s another Missouri city you should check out with your pup. Branson is a wonderful town to visit during the summer months thanks to Caudill Park and dog-friendly businesses like Sugar Leaf Bakery.


brown wooden house on green grass field near mountains during daytime
Photo by Janne Simoes via Unsplash

Montana is dominated by picturesque local wildlife and landscapes. There are numerous dog-friendly activities you can pursue in the state, but some of the best ones are at Great Falls. You can even let your dog off-leash here at Pacific Steel and Recycling Trailside Dog Park!


Great Platte River Road Archway & Monument, Kearney, Nebraska
Image via Openverrse

Head over to Kearney, Nebraska to find the excellent Meadowlark North Dog Park. This off-leash park lets your pup run and play with new pals while you relax. Nearby Cunningham’s Journal offers outdoor seating, pet-friendly atmosphere, and delicious food, too!


city with lights turned on during night time
Photo by Julian Paefgen via Unsplash

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think about casinos and live entertainment. However, the city is also home to the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, Bogart’s Bone-Appetit, and numerous other pet-friendly accommodations at the Strip’s many upscale hotels.

New Hampshire

Reeds Ferry, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Image via Openverse

New Hampshire is a great state for dogs all around. The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire is headquartered in Bedford, making it the best destination for dog lovers on vacation. The League partners with the nearby Grounds and Hounds Coffee Company, which donates proceeds to local pet charities!

New Jersey

high rise buildings city scape photography
Photo by ben o’bro via Unsplash

Kearney, New Jersey is home to Bone Appetit (and yes, this pun restaurant name appears in every upscale city in the country) and Kearny Dog Park. This makes it a perfect place to take your four-legged friend on a vacation!

New Mexico

Los Alamos Canyon Bridge (Los Alamos, New Mexico)
Image via Openverse

New Mexico’s gorgeous landscape and unique climate make it perfect for dog-centric vacations. Take your pup with you to Los Alamos and check out Pet Pangea’s Downtown Dogs, a weekly event in downtown Los Alamos that gathers dogs and their owners.

New York

people walking on park during daytime
Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

New York City is home to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The first Saturday of every month sees this legendary event take place in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. FIDO’s Coffee Bark also gives owners free pastries, coffee, and dog treats during the event!

North Carolina

Main Street, looking East, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Image via Openverse

Elizabeth City is one of the prettiest and most charming cities in North Carolina. It’s also the most dog friendly city in the state! The city is home to Waterfront Park on the Pasquotank River. You can also check out The SweetEasy, a downtown bakery That offers pup cups and delightful pastries.

North Dakota

Bismarck, North Dakota
Image via Openverse

Bismarck, North Dakota is home to numerous great dog activities. Check out Century Bark Park, which is divided into fields for different dog sizes. This is perfect for owners to let their dogs off-leash, as they won’t need to worry about big dogs accidentally trampling over smaller breeds.


tall building lot under white clouds and blue sky during daytime
Photo by Ellie Brown via Unsplash

Grove City, Ohio is a suburb of Columbus. It’s got plenty of fun dog-related activities for owners to pursue, including the fantastic Wagtail Trail. This 2-mile circuit offers gorgeous views, and nearby Local Cantina serves delicious food on a dog-friendly patio.


people walking on pedestrian lane near high rise buildings during daytime
Photo by Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

Tulsa, Oklahoma is more than just the most well-known city in the state. It’s also the most dog friendly! Check out Admiral Twin Drive-In, where leashed dogs are welcome to enjoy a flick with their owners. You can then check out Benjamin’s Biscuit Acres Dog Park for a fun walk.


woodland and mountain view
Photo by McKayla Crump via Unsplash

Bend, Oregon is a perfect place for dog owners to visit on vacation. Take your pup with you to the outdoor picnic tables of Good Life Brewing Company’s Biergarten and enjoy some brews while you hang out with your furry pal. You can also check out numerous dog parks and nature trails in town!


aerial photo of buildings
Photo by ActionVance via Unsplash

The City of Brotherly Love is also the city of dogs! Philadelphia, PA is a certified dog haven, complete with Pet Friendly Dog Bakery (the establishment’s actual name), Water and Rock Studio (where dogs can learn yoga) and more walking trails than you can wag a tail at.

Rhode Island

a bridge over a river with a city in the background
Photo by Rafael Rodrigues via Unsplash

Providence, Rhode Island is the best dog spot in the entire state. Why is that? Well, there’s Waterman St. Dog Park, where your pup can get exercise and plenty of social time. There’s also numerous breweries and restaurants with outdoor seating, like the Scurvy Dog!

South Carolina

Falls Park on the Reedy (Greenville, South Carolina)
Image via Openverse

Greenville, South Carolina is the gem of the Upstate region and a perfect place for your dog. The city is full of dog-friendly establishments like The Barkery Bistro. It’s also close to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, which gives you stunning views of the Appalachian foothills and the Reedy River.

South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Image via Openverse

Sioux Falls offers plenty of wonderful dog-themed attractions in South Dakota, ranging from Monks Ale House to wide, spacious dog parks Lien Park and Spencer Park. You can find plenty of beautiful natural sights and dog-friendly establishments in this interesting city!


American football arena beside building and roadway during daytime
Photo by Tanner Boriack via Unsplash

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Nashville, Tennessee is amenable to dogs. The Capital of Country Music is also a very upscale city with a unique culture. The Nashville Humane Association hosts the annual Unleashed: Dinner With Your Dog event, which also offers adoptions for pets!


city buildings under blue sky during daytime
Photo by R K via Unsplash

Dallas, Texas is the most dog friendly city in Texas, and that’s saying something. The state is replete with pet-friendly activities, but Dallas has Mutts Canine Cantina and the Texas Buckeye Trail to keep your dog invested in your vacation.


city skyline across green mountain during daytime
Photo by Brent Pace via Unsplash

Salt Lake City, Utah offers plenty of fun for dogs and their owners alike. Take a hike on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to see stunning views of the lake or take a trip up to City Creek Canyon Trailhead. Just make sure to keep your canine companion on their leash!


Waterbury, Vermont
Image via Openverse

If you’re taking your dog with you to Vermont, make sure you stop to check out Waterbury. This city hosts the Mutt Strut every year, a three-mile fun run that allows owners to bring their dogs with them to benefit the Central Vermont Humane Society. It’s also home to Ben and Jerry’s. You know, the guys who make the ice cream.


Abingdon Virginia Creeper Trail
Image via Openverse

Are you looking for somewhere to bring your dog on your next trip to Virginia? From the Coomes Center’s wide dog park to the Rain Restaurant and Bar, there are plenty of things for you and your pup to do in beautiful Abingdon, Virginia.


city buildings during night time
Photo by Zhifei Zhou via Unsplash

Seattle, Washington might be the “hippest” city in the country. It goes without saying that this makes it a perfect place for dogs and their owners. Between the Dog Yard play park and Lower Woodland Off-Leash Area, there are plenty of places to bring your canine pal and let them have a ball.

West Virginia

Huntington, West Virginia
Image via Openverse

There’s a PetSafe Dog Park in Huntington, West Virginia that allows owners to let their dogs off-leash and still retain their peace of mind. This is because the park has specialized areas for dogs of different sizes, making it perfect for large and small dogs alike!

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Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Image via Openverse

In addition to having the most “Wisconsin” name you can imagine, Pewaukee is a perfect spot to bring your dog. Petlicious Dog Bakery has cakes and pastries your pup can enjoy, and nearby Thunder Bay Grille features an outdoor patio where you can bring your dog while you eat.

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Thayne, Wyoming
Image via Openverse

Thayne, Wyoming has a few things going for it: it has an awesome name and it’s a perfect city for dog lovers. Each year, Thayne hosts the Animal Humane Association of Star Valley’s 4-Legged-K Wag & Walk Fun Run. Proceeds from this event go to help animals in need!

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