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Fur-Free Rides: 10 Strategies to Keep Your Car Clean with Pets

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Taking your dog or cat with you on a trip can be fun! Some pets love taking car rides and just like traveling with you. However, they can also be a bit of a mess. Between pet hair, accidents, and hairballs, there are lots of car messes to clean up. Here are ten tips for pet owners to keep their cars clean!

Regular Clean-Up

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One of the best things for pet owners to do is clean their car out regularly. Don’t let things like pet hair pile up and become bigger issues than they need to be. By cleaning regularly, you can keep your car from becoming unpleasant to ride in.

Designated Pet Car

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If you’ve got more than one car in your driveway, use just one as the pet-mobile. Don’t let your pets ride in more than one car. Containing your pet rides to just one vehicle gives you less to clean and makes it easier to carry cleaning supplies on you!

Brush Before Leaving

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Brush your cat or dog before you head out on your next trip. That helps get some excess fur off them before they begin shedding in the vehicle. This is also just good for their coat and their mood! Some pets might even enjoy their car ride more after spending some quality time with you brushing them.

Contain their Movement

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Consider getting a dog crate or cat carrier for car trips. This restricts your pet’s movement and contains any potential messes to one area that’s easier to clean up. It’s also safer for your pet to not be able to wander around while the vehicle is in motion.


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If your pet isn’t a fan of being cooped up while riding in the car, another option is to put some clothes on them before you go for a ride. This can contain their fur, for one thing, but it can also help them feel less anxious during the trip. A calm pet is less likely to have an accident, too!

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Seat Covers

black pug puppy on car seat
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Some pets won’t be amenable to wearing adorable clothing that keeps them from shedding everywhere. Another option is to get covers for the seats they’ll be on. This contains their fur (and any roadside accidents) and makes it much easier to clean up after them.

Baking Soda

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If you’re dealing with a particularly powerful pet odor, try some baking soda. Apply it to the stain or the location with the strongest smell. Try mixing it with vinegar for the best results! If you’re fighting a particularly stubborn smell, consider using furniture shampoo.

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Cleaning Supplies

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While you’re at it, consider keeping a cleaning kit in the vehicle you use to cart your pets around. Keeping these supplies immediately on hand allows you to address any messes as soon as they happen. That way, you don’t need to ride around in the car with a nasty mess in the back seat!

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Cleaning Before Returning

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If you take your cat or dog out to an area with a lot of mud or dirt, consider cleaning them before hopping back in the car. Bring a towel and pet-safe cleaning supplies to tidy them up before leaving. This keeps the mess outside where it belongs instead of letting it pile up in your vehicle.

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