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10 Large Cat Breeds with Even Bigger Hearts

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Domesticated cats come in a variety of sizes. None of the following are near tiger-size, but check out our list of 10 large cat breeds that are low maintenance and loving!

One thing to keep in mind if you are seeking a large cat, they can often get into more trouble due to their greater jumping abilities, so make sure to take precautions, and give them plenty of toys to prevent boredom. 

One thing’s for certain, some big cats have even bigger hearts. They are friendly, loyal, affectionate, and perfect family companions. Here is our list of 10 large cat breeds we recommend!

1. Savannah

Savannah Cat

Breed Info • Savannah

Average Height: 10-17 inches
Average Weight: 12-25 pounds
Life Expectancy: 12-15 Years
Coat: Short, slightly coarse. Colors include black, black silver spotted tabby, black smoke, and brown spotted tabby.

Featuring some spotted, leopard-like markings, the Savannah is a hybrid of a domestic cat crossed with the serval, a sub-Saharan African wild cat.

Despite its wild breeding, Savannahs are amiable. They can be trained to go on walks and love it, but also love life in the home. Being hunters by nature, it’s important to supervise them around other animals and pets.

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2. Siberian

Siberian Cat

Breed Info • Siberian

Average Height: 9-12 inches
Average Weight: 10-20 pounds
Life Expectancy: 10-18 years
Coat: Semi-long-haired, triple coat. The texture varies from soft to coarse. They come in a wide variety of patterns and shadings.

Siberians are intelligent and sturdy, and can be trained to do simple tricks. They can also take up to 5 years to reach full size.

Siberian cats are active, playful, affectionate lap companions, and make excellent house pets. They get along well with children and other pets. They also love water.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Breed Info • Norwegian Forest Cat

Average Height: 9-12 inches
Average Weight: 13-20 pounds
Life Expectancy: 14-16 Years
Coat: Semi-long, double coat. Colors range from white to cream, red, cinnamon, tabby, and black.

Affectionately called “Wegies,” this breed’s fluffy, double coat gives them an exquisite appearance. Norwegian Forest Cats are stocky and are one of the largest domestic cat breeds in size.

Although sweet and affectionate, they do have their independent streak. The history of the Norwegian Forest Cat can be traced back to the Vikings and Norse lore.

4. Chausie 


Breed Info • Chausie

Average Height: 14-18 Inches
Average Weight: 15-20 Pounds
Life Expectancy: 12-14 Years
Coat: Short. Color is commonly black, golden, or silver-tipped with a tabby pattern, as well as may have stripes or spots.

The Chausie originated in Egypt thousands of years ago. It is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a jungle cat (Felis chaus).

Chausies are extremely active, born hunters, and intelligent. Be forewarned they need a lot of attention, are very fast, and are high jumpers.

5. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Breed Info • Maine Coon

Average Height: 10-16 inches
Average Weight: Up to 20 pounds
Life Expectancy: 9-15 years
Coat: Long, double coat. In addition to black and white, they come in more than 75 color combinations.

Tiny tufts of hair at the tips of their ears, not to mention their size, make the Maine Coon instantly recognizable. These cute kitties with fluffy coats have a majestic appearance.

These gentle giants are affectionate with people, kids, and other cat-friendly pets, making a perfect cuddling companion and family feline.

6. Ragdoll


Breed Info • Ragdoll

Average Height: 9-11 Inches
Average Weight: 10-15 pounds (Female); up to 20 Pounds (Male)
Life Expectancy: 13-15+ Years
Coat: Silky, medium-length. Often seen as white with color at the points, however, this breed comes in multiple colors.

One of the largest domesticated cat breeds, these gentle giants have soft, fluffy fur and big blue eyes that make them irresistibly cute.

Ragdolls are docile and affectionate cats that love people and enjoy cuddling with humans.

7. Ragamuffin


Breed Info • Ragamuffin

Average Height: Up to 33 Inches
Average Weight: 8-20 Pounds
Life Expectancy: Up to 18 Years
Coat: Silky, long. Colors include white, platinum, chocolate, black, red, chestnut, cinnamon, lavender, or blue.

As fluffy-furred as a plush toy, and irresistibly adorable with huge eyes, the Ragamuffin has a thick, soft coat you just want to pet and cuddle.

These furballs are likely to follow you around and are great with young children. While playful, they are also calm and happy to lay in your lap and purr.

8. Bengal


Breed Info • Bengal

Average Height: Up to 18 inches
Average Weight: 8-15 pounds
Life Expectancy: 10-16 years
Coat: Short. Markings include vivid spots or distinctive marbling that are richly colored and highly contrasted and are outlined in black, chocolate, or gray/silver.

Despite the Bengal’s tiger-like name, it’s more leopard-like in appearance. The Bengal is a hybrid of a domestic house cat and an Asian leopard cat. 

Not to fear, though. Bengals are friendly, loyal, and intelligent. But they are also active, so they need more exercise than other cat breeds.

9. Turkish Van

Turkish Van
Wikimedia Commons

Breed Info • Turkish Van

Average Height: 10-14 Inches
Average Weight: 8-18 Pounds
Life Expectancy: 12-17 Years
Coat: Long, soft, and water-resistant. Color is typically an all-white body with a dark-colored head and tail. 

Rare in the US but popular in Turkey, these beautiful and sweet kitties are curious and affectionate.

Turkish Vans are active, athletic cats with broad shoulders. This is one cat that loves water, and actually likes to swim!

10. American Bobtail

Wikimedia Commons

Breed Info • American Bobtail

Average Height: 9-10 Inches
Average Weight: 7-16 Pounds
Life Expectancy: 13-15 Years
Coat: Short or long and shaggy. Come in any color or pattern.

In addition to its short, bobbed tail, the American Bobtail also has a compact body. This is counterbalanced by long hind legs and a stocky, muscular build.

American Bobtails are so friendly, sweet, and comforting, that they are often used as therapy cats. They can be trained to leash walk and perform simple tricks.

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