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10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

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Overall, domestic cats are highly intelligent pets compared to some other animals. Smart cats can be trained in house rules, behavior with other pets, performing tricks, and leash walking. Here are the 10 smartest cat breeds.

10. Singapura


Originating from Singapore, this rare breed came to the US during the 1970s. Singapura are small cats who are intelligent, playful, and curious. They need lots of vertical space for climbing. Singapuras are easy to train and love to learn new tricks. They’ll even develop their own games. These vocal cats enjoy conversing with their owners!

9. Siamese


One of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds in the world, Siamese are highly curious, intelligent, and vocal. They crave attention and company, and love puzzles and teaser toys. A big cat tree for climbing will help them burn off energy. When bored, a Siamese will find entertainment by opening cabinets, rummaging, and even turning on faucets!

8. Savanna

Savannah Cat
Wikimedia Commons

A cross between wild African servals and domestic cats, Savannas still have a wild side. They are highly intelligent, they can be trained to walk on a leash. They easily get into drawers and cabinets, and can even turn on faucets. Savannas require mental and physical stimulation, meaning space to run, jump, and play. They also love water play.

7. Korat

korat cat on brown wooden fence
Photo by Paul Bryan on Unsplash

Named after a province in Thailand, this rare breed is brilliant. They’re very attentive to the world around them. Korats enjoy interactive games, such as teasers and puzzles, as well as toys. They can learn tricks easily, such as playing fetch or walking on a leash. Korats are eager to learn household rules if rewarded with praise or treats.

6. Havana Brown

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is the only cat that’s chocolate-colored from nose to tail, even its whiskers. This rare breed is intelligent, inquisitive, quite chatty, and always seeking attention. They love to socialize. Havana Browns prefer interactive toys such as teasers and puzzles that mentally challenge them. Physically, they love to touch people and fetch is their favorite game.

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5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Adobe Stock

Cornish Rex are friendly, very active cats. These felines are dog-like with their play, even into their senior years. These trainable cats enjoy performing tricks, and games of fetch. Cornish Rex have long toes, allowing them to easily open doors and cabinets, so may want to consider child safety locks. These springy cats can easily jump to high locations.

4. Burmese


Burmese are a friendly and energetic breed that loves engaging with people and other animals. These clever cats are very trainable, adaptable, and playful. They can be taught to sit, come, wave, roll over, fetch a small toy, and walk on a leash. With early conditioning, they’ll love car rides. Burmese need companionship and stimulation to avoid boredom and mischief.

3. Bengal


This mix of a domestic cat with an Asian leopard is among the most intelligent and athletic of cat breeds. They still have a wild side. Bengals love to run, climb, jump, and play and require exercise space. They need mental challenges like puzzle games and toys. Bengals use their paws like hands and can learn to flick light switches.

2. Balinese


Balinese are curious by nature and can’t resist investigating everything humans do. They are highly vocal and express their opinions. These intelligent cats learn tricks quickly, play fetch, and do puzzles. They like to stay active, walk on a leash, and need a big cat tree for climbing. Balinese need stimulation and will find trouble if left alone too long.

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1. Abyssinian

brown tabby cat lying on white textile
Photo by Roland Hechanova on Unsplash

Abyssinians are highly intelligent cats that are quick to learn tricks. They are very observant and in tune with the activities of their families. Sleek, agile, and athletic, they enjoy running feline agility courses. Abyssinians enjoy heights, where they can perch above the room and surveil everything that goes on.

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