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10 Tips for Pet Owners Looking to Save Money

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Owning a pet is a blast, but it’s also pretty pricey. If you’re looking to find a few ways to lower the cost of pet ownership, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten money-saving tips for keeping pets without breaking the bank!

Research the Breed

black and gray dog on brown sands
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Different breeds have different needs. Whether you’ve got a purebred dog with papers or a mixed dog with no pedigree, you need to know what kinds of health issues to be prepared for as your pet ages. The same goes for cats, too! Breeds like sphinxes have special breed requirements that tabbies don’t for instance.

Pet Insurance

Gray and White Kitten on White Bed
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Consider getting pet insurance if your furry friend is likely to encounter health issues. The sooner you get this the better, because younger, healthier animals are cheaper to insure. Just make sure you get coverage that’s right for your budget and covers likely occurrences!

Pet Savings Fund

Close-Up Photo of Dog Wearing Sunglasses
Photo by Ilargian Faus on Pexels

You can also consider starting a pet savings fund. No one wants to think about their beloved companion becoming sick or injured, but you want to make sure you have enough money to foot the vet bill if that day comes.

Vet Visits

white french bulldog wearing blue and white polka dot shirt
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Speaking of the vet, make sure you don’t skip visiting them just to save a few bucks. Doing so could let some serious health concerns go under the radar. The sooner you catch illnesses in your pets, the better. It’s often much easier and cheaper to treat them if you catch medical conditions early!

Affordable Clinics

person holding white and brown long fur cat
Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

You can research affordable pet clinics in your area to help keep your costs down. Remember, just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean you’re automatically getting the best service. Some clinics charge more just because they have nicer furniture and an upscale building!

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Filling Prescriptions

man grabbing cat's head
Photo by Marina Hanna on Unsplash

You also don’t need to fill your pet’s prescriptions at the same vet’s office where you get them written. Shop around for the best prices and look for generic versions of the medication. Again, paying more doesn’t automatically mean you’re getting the best medicine! Saving a bit of money so you can adequately treat your pet is a good idea.

Focus on Diet

a brown and white dog sitting next to a bowl of food
Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Don’t let your pet eat an unhealthy diet or gain too much weight. Heavier animals can encounter health problems that a slimmer pet wouldn’t. Remember, though, different breeds have different healthy weights! Talk to your vet about what diet is right for your pet to keep them healthy.

Rewards Programs

black dog walking in front of store
Photo by Peter Plashkin on Unsplash

Join a rewards program at your local pet store. These programs can be a great way to get discounts on items you buy often, like food, treats, or toys. You’re going to be getting these items anyway, so you might as well save a bit of money while you’re at it!

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Skip Boarding

Orange Tabby Cat Beside Fawn Short-coated Puppy
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels

The next time you go out of town, try to get a house sitter instead of boarding your pets. Boarding is expensive for you and stressful for your pets. They’d prefer to just stay at home! If you can hire someone to watch your place, or even ask a friend or neighbor for a favor, you can save a lot of money and keep your pets happily at home.

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Keep them Inside

Orange Cat Sleeping on White Bed
Photo by Александар Цветановић on Pexels

One of the best things you can do for your wallet is keep your pets inside. Your cats or dogs don’t need to spend a ton of time outdoors without your supervision. Exposure to the elements can worsen health problems and potentially expose them to illness and injury! Just bring them inside where they’re happy and safe.

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