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10 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Cats Safe

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Some cats don’t want to live indoors. Instead, they prefer to be wild and free and explore out in the fresh air. However, this can be dangerous for them! How do you keep them safe when they don’t live inside? Here are ten tips to keep your outdoor cats safe.


cat on concrete wall
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The first thing you’ll need for your outdoor cats is a way for others to identify them as yours. Something like a collar with their home address is a good first step! That way, even if your kitty gets lost, helpful people can return them to you unharmed.

Spay or Neuter

white and gray kitten on green grass during daytime
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You should also make sure your cats are spayed or neutered before you let them roam outside. If you don’t, they could wander far from home looking for a mate. Even if they do return, you’ll now have a litter of kittens to take care of!


person holding silver tabby cat
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Never let an unvaccinated cat roam outside. They’ll likely meet other cats in the neighborhood and could contract serious illnesses from them. It’s important to keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date so they don’t get sick while they’re out exploring.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

a cat sitting on the side of a road
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If you live near a major highway or a densely populated area, it’s probably best to keep your cats indoors. Even the savviest of cats might find themselves stranded in the middle of heavy traffic or the victim of a mean person’s cruelty. Ideally, outside cats should have plenty of room to roam without encountering dangerous areas!

Food and Water

Cat while Eating from Bowl
Photo by Ralph on Pexels

Just because you’ve got cats that stay outside doesn’t mean they’ll be able to find enough food and clean water on their own. You still need to provide them with adequate food and water so they stay healthy and strong! And make sure to keep the water fresh in the Spring and Summer — no kitty wants mosquito larvae in their bowl!

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Keep Them Warm

Black Cat
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

When the weather gets cold, your outdoor cats need to either come inside or have a warm place to lay their head at night. If bringing them in is out of the question, construct warm enclosures for them to bundle up in on cold nights. Remember: if you’re cold, they’re cold!

Cat Enclosure

Silver Cat on Green Grasses
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels

Even if the temperature isn’t dangerously low, you should still provide a good cat enclosure for any outdoor kitties you take care of. High winds, harsh sunlight, and pouring rain are all bad for your cat’s health. Make sure they have somewhere they can retreat to during bad weather so they can stay safe!

Toxic Plants

Orange Tabby Cat on Walking
Photo by Jody Parks on Pexels

Many plants are toxic to cats. If you live near azaleas, English ivy, Spanish thyme, tulips, or other plants that are bad for cats, it’s best to not let them outside. Check for a list of plants that are poisonous to cats and make sure none of them occur naturally in the region around your home.

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Train them to Come Back

A Cat Sittings on the Road
Photo by Patricia Luquet on Pexels

A surefire way to keep your outdoor cats safe is by training them to return home. Use treats as rewards for them returning to your calls to reinforce this behavior. Also make sure to give them plenty of affection and attention whenever they return home so they know that they’re always welcome.

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Bring them Inside

brown and white cat lying on gray textile
Photo by Keenan Barber on Unsplash

No matter how much you try to keep them safe, a cat being outdoors isn’t going to live as long or be as comfortable as an indoor cat. There are just so many threats to their safety outside that you can’t control. The best way to keep your outdoor cats safe is to make them indoor cats!

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