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How to Take the Absolute Best Pictures of Your Dog

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With a little forethought, you can take great photos of your dog that look professional and are suitable for framing. With these 10 tips, you can learn how to capture your dog’s magic moments and unforgettable memories!

10. Allow Some Getting Acquainted Time

Cute Dog Touching Camera Posing in Mountains
Photo by Stephanie Casanova on Pexels

If you’re taking pictures with your phone, your dog is likely familiar with that. However, if you’re bringing in a camera your dog isn’t used to seeing, it may need some time to become comfortable with it. Set the camera on the ground and put a treat next to it. This can create a positive association.

9. Time Your Dog’s Mood Just Right

Closeup Photography of Adult Short-coated Tan and White Dog Sleeping on Gray Textile at Daytime
Photo by Christian Domingues on Pexels

It’s important to understand your dog’s mood when choosing a time for photos. If your dog is playful, it’s a good time for action shots. When you need your dog to remain still, you might want to tire them out with a long walk first. Go with the flow. Take pictures suited to whatever mood the dog is currently in.

8. Use a Simple Background

brown dog on grass looking at camera
Photo by Austin Kirk on Unsplash

Because your dog is the main attraction, you don’t want a busy background adding color that distracts the eye away from your pet. Another way to make your pet stand out is to use a background color that contrasts with your dog’s coat (the opposite on the color wheel). You can also blur the background at editing time.

7. Attract Your Dog’s Attention

golden retriever puppy lying on white textile
Photo by Taylor Sondgeroth on Unsplash

One trick for taking special shots of your dog and capturing that “magic moment” is getting their attention. Try holding out a treat or their favorite toy in front of the camera. This technique works well for capturing that “puppy-dog” look in the eyes. Another trick is to make a high-pitched or interesting noise.

6. Experiment With Different Angles

short-coated black dog
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

Think about all the dog photos you’ve seen. Some poses you’ve seen a thousand times. If you want a great, memorable photo of your dog, think outside the box. Try getting on your knees or lying on the ground to find a fresh angle. Try zooming in on your dog’s nose, ears, or paws for an intriguing perspective.

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5. Don’t Use a Flash

brown short coated dog lying on gray textile
Photo by Sarah G. on Unsplash

There are three good reasons for not using a flash. First, it can make the photo look washed out. Second, it can give the dog demonic-looking “red eyes.” Third, and most importantly, the flash can startle the dog. Besides ruining the shot, it can make your pooch fearful and reluctant to pose for any further photos.

4. Act Quick and Don’t Hesitate

a dog and a cat laying in the grass
Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

Because dogs can be stimulated and distracted by the environment around them, capturing that “special moment” requires quick reactions. The more time you spend trying to line up your “perfect” shot, the higher the chances are the pup will shift from its “cute” pose. The remedy is not hesitating, snapping quickly, and taking lots of photos!

3. Be Patient

shallow focus photography of short-coated brown and white puppy
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Photographing dogs requires patience. Dogs have their wants, needs, and emotions just as we do. Therefore, they can get distracted by their natural curiosity, or their need to come and give you attention at the exact moment you want them to pose. Try not to get frustrated. Stay patient and work through it.

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2. Edit Your Photos

Crop unrecognizable woman working on laptop near adorable dog
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels

Photo editing software is your secret weapon to making good photos great. Even the built-in photo editing features that come with your phone can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a little cropping, a bit of color correction, or lighting correction – little improvements can go a long way. Many websites also offer easy photo editing features.

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1. Don’t Force Things

brown and white shih tzu puppy
Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

Most importantly, resist forcing your pet to get the shot you want. Forcing your dog to do something it doesn’t want to do creates a negative experience. This can make your dog reluctant to take photos in the future. Instead, ensure that the photography session is a fun experience. If things aren’t working – don’t force it – try another day.

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