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10 Cuddliest Cat Breeds

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If you’re wondering which breed of cat would make the perfect cuddling companion, you’re about to discover the 10 best. There are plenty of affectionate cat breeds, but these are the best for cuddling day and night.

10. Birman

Birman Cat

Stunningly beautiful, Birman cats exude elegance. These friendly cats love to be around people. They are affectionate and loyal, tending to bond with one person. Birmans have a friendly and laid-back personality. If socialized properly, they get along with other pets. They love to play and need daily exercise. Birmans are highly adaptable to any type of home.

9. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The quintessential definition of “house cat” in the US is the American Shorthair. They’re extremely popular due to their affectionate personalities. These friendly, adaptable cats make perfect pets for families with growing kids. American Shorthairs crave attention and love to be held. However, unlike some breeds, they don’t demand attention. They’re okay when you don’t have time to cuddle.

8. Tonkinese

black and white cat on white textile
Photo by Maude Frédérique Lavoie on Unsplash

Think of Tonkinese as an equally intelligent but less vocal Siamese cat. They’re a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese, bringing the best characteristics of both. They are exceptionally affectionate, and friendly, and really love their humans. Not only do these social cats love attention – they demand it! Tonkinese enjoy being held, carried and cuddled.

7. Bombay

black cat
Photo by Alexander Raissis on Unsplash

Although relatively rare in North America, Bombay cats have a dedicated following. They are growing in popularity due to their extroverted, people-oriented personalities. Bombay cats are extremely loving. They are good with children and other pets. Bombays are intelligent cats who love to play and they need attention to avoid mischief.

6. Siamese


Siamese are highly intelligent, naturally curious, and active. They are also exceptionally vocal and social, doing their best to hold long conversations with their humans. Known for their affectionate personalities, Siamese have been popular the world over throughout history. Siamese are friendly, and gentle, and get along with children and other pets, making them great family cats.

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5. Persian

Black and white Persian cat
Adobe Stock

One of the most popular cat breeds in North America, Persians are a bundle of beauty with their long, flowing coats. Temperament-wise, Persians are calm, and not all that energetic. Personality-wise, Persians have a very affectionate disposition. Their idea of a perfect day is lounging with their human and receiving love and pets.

4. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are adorable with their unique pointy ears. They are extremely social cats that are friendly towards people, and young children, and get along well with other pets. Naturally curious, they love to get involved in all family events. They crave activity and love to hunt. Maine Coons are intelligent and highly affectionate.

3. Sphynx

Sphynx Cat

Sphynxes are intelligent and extroverted cats that crave human interaction. Because they are hairless, they like cuddling with humans for warmth. They are extraordinarily happy to snuggle beneath the covers with you at night or perch on your lap during the day. Tending to a Sphynx’s needs results in a cooperative relationship of endless affection.

2. Scottish Fold

Adobe Stock

Named for a random mutation that gives this breed’s ears their distinctive look, that’s not all that’s special about Scottish Folds. Their affectionate, loving dispositions make them extraordinary. These social cats crave companionship and don’t like being left alone. Scottish Folds aren’t good for those who are gone a lot. But if you love feline company, you found your match.

1. Ragdoll


Specifically bred to be affectionate companions, Ragdolls make lovable pets. They love their owners and are friendly around children and other pets. They’re ideal for those looking for a relatively low-maintenance cat. Ragdolls love to greet their human and follow them from room to room. These intelligent cats love to play games, such as fetch. Ragdolls make ideal family cats.

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