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Outwit Your Kitty: 10 Ways to Keep Them off Your Counters

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Cats are notoriously hard to train. No matter what you do, it can feel like your cats just won’t listen to you. If you’re having trouble keeping your kitties off your kitchen counters, here are a few tips to teach them to stay away!

No Negative Reinforcement

a cat with its mouth open
Photo by Alex Greenberg on Unsplash

Don’t try to use negative reinforcement to train cats. While pushing them down, using a spray bottle on them, or yelling at them can all get immediate results, it’s not a sustainable form of training. All this does is stress your cats out and won’t address the underlying behavior.

Aluminum Foil

A Gray Wrinkled Foil in Close-up Shot
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels

Cats don’t like walking over certain textures. One such texture is aluminum foil! You can try setting up sheets of foil around your counters to discourage your cats from jumping up there. Once you’ve broken their habit, you can remove the foil.

Different Smells

cat on sofa
Photo by Bofu Shaw on Unsplash

In addition to different textures, you can try mixing up the smells on your counters to ward off your cats. Using cat-safe essential oils in a diffuser can throw off your kitty’s sense of smell and make them less likely to climb up on the counters.

Block Sunbeams

A cat and a dog laying on a bed next to a window
Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

Some cats like climbing up onto high places to find nice, warm sunbeams to lay in. Try blocking the sunbeams that hit your countertops and opening blinds or drapes in other parts of the house to give your cat a better place to sunbathe. This will give them plenty of great alternatives and discourage them from getting on the counter.

New Toys

white and brown cat on white table
Photo by Piotr Musiol on Unsplash

Your cat might be climbing up onto the counter because they’re bored, and they get your attention when they do it. You can help address this boredom by getting them some new toys. Consider getting them puzzle toys that drop treats when played with, too!

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No Food

person holding orange tabby cat
Photo by Piotr Musiol on Unsplash

Don’t keep food on the counter where cats can easily access it. Try storing food in a bread box or in cabinets away from curious kitties. Many cats only get on the counter to get to the yummy human food they find up there!

Faucet Tips

gray stainless steel faucet
Photo by Sasikan Ulevik on Unsplash

In addition to food, some cats climb the counter to get to the kitchen faucet. Cats are naturally drawn to running water, so one way you can keep them off the counter is by keeping their water fresh and not letting your faucet drip!

Move Step Ladders

brown tabby cat on wooden windsor chair
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Don’t keep any chairs or stools near the counter that make it easy for your cat to jump up up there. If you make it more difficult for them to access the area, they’re less likely to go there.

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Provide Alternatives

black cat on white cat tree
Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash

Cats like hanging out in elevated areas. Make sure they have plenty of perches in the house! Consider getting them a cat tree if they don’t already have one. If you have multiple cats, consider getting a few cat trees so everyone has their own private perches!

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Clicker Training

Cat Lying on a Couch and Playing with a Toy
Photo by Helena Jankovicova Kovacova on Pexels

Another option for training cats is to use positive reinforcement through clicker training. When your cat gets on the counter, tempt them back to the floor with a treat or a favorite toy. When they get their reward, use a clicker to make a distinctive sound. Eventually, they’ll associate the clicker sound with getting off the counter and you won’t even need the reward!

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