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10 Rainy Day Activities for Dogs

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Rainy days probably spell boredom for your pup. Other than a quick potty break, they’re stuck inside, unable to get a walk or the exercise and mental stimulation they need. But fear not! Here are 10 things you can do together indoors.

10. Do Doggy Nose Work

a puppy playing with a pile of shredded paper
Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Hide treats around the house for your dog to discover using its nose. Place them in various places. Put your dog on a leash and guide it toward the hidden treats. Encourage your dog to use its nose to find them, pointing or giving hints in the beginning. Your dog will soon catch on and get the idea.

9. Play with Puzzle Toys

black and tan short coat medium sized dog lying on floor
Photo by Mathew Coulton on Unsplash

Dogs need mental stimulation and puzzle toys are a great way to do this when the weather keeps them indoors. You don’t have to necessarily purchase puzzle toys if you don’t have any. You can use something as simple as a muffin tin. Hide a treat in one of the slots and cover them all with tennis balls.

8. Chase Bubbles

a golden retriever dog wearing a bandana and looking at the camera
Photo by Samantha Fortney on Unsplash

Something as simple as chasing bubbles can be wildly entertaining for both your dog and you. Blow a bubble and show your dog how they can be popped. Better yet, buy ready-made “dog bubbles” that come in fun flavors like bacon or peanut butter. You’ll definitely want to take pictures, too.

7. Play Indoor Games

Australian shepherd puppy playing tug o' war

There are numerous games you can play indoors with your dog on a rainy day. Tug-of-war or keep away our easy games to play if your space is limited. If you have a little room, you can engage in some indoor fetch down the hallway or wherever, as well as a few rounds of catch.

6. Do Indoor Agility Training

Doggy obstacle course

If you have space in your home that provides a little room without the threat of destroying your belongings, you can do some indoor agility training. Create an obstacle course with things around the house, pillows, rooms, chairs, and cardboard boxes. Set up things for your dog to jump over, weave around, or climb.

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5. Teach Your Dog New Tricks


Rainy days provide the perfect downtime to spend with your dog teaching it some new tricks or even brushing up on some basic commands. You can look online for some dog-trick articles or videos. Just keep the sessions short so your dog stays interested and isn’t overwhelmed. Be patient and praise all successes, no matter how small.

4. Have a Spa Day

brown pomeranian wearing pink towel after a bath
Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash

If your dog comes in soaking from the rain, and you don’t want your whole home reeking like a wet dog – there’s a remedy. Have a doggy spa day. Pamper your pup with a bath followed by a facial and pedicure. Don’t forget those choppers. There are some DIY doggy toothpaste recipes online that your pooch will love.

3. Take Creative Photos

grayscale photo of woman with long coated dog
Photo by Christopher Luther on Unsplash

Have a fun photo day. Dress your dog up in all kinds of outfits and snap some pics. Or perhaps set your dog up in some fun poses by adding some props. Capture shots of your dog playing with toys, sniffing for treats, or weaving through an obstacle course. Capture some precious memories!

2. Go to a Dog-Friendly Store

Woman with Corgi in pet shop

If you don’t want the weather to keep you both inside, consider taking your pooch to some dog-friendly stores around town. PetSmart, Tractor Supply, and even some boutiques, bookstores, cafés, and breweries are dog-friendly in many areas. Figure all this out ahead of time, so the next time it rains you’ll know where you can go.

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1. Invite a Doggy Play Date Over

Two dogs sitting side by side

Chances are, one of your pals is stuck inside due to the weather too. Invite them to bring their pet over for a doggy play date. It’s a great way for both dogs to socialize, and you’ll have someone to chat with too. Make sure to supervise closely and remove any items your dog may instinctively want to guard.

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