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Secrets That Only Your Dog Knows About You

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Our dogs see every part of us—even the parts we keep secret from everyone. That means they know us better than almost anyone else in our lives. They might even know us better than we know ourselves! Here are ten secrets your dog knows about you that no one else knows.

When You’re on the Way Home

White Short Coated Dog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Your dog knows your schedule very well and anticipates when you’ll get home. That’s understandable, but you might have noticed your dog is alert and waiting for you even if you get home at an odd time. That’s because they can hear your car’s specific sounds coming down the road!

Where You Hide the Treats

Woman Sitting on a Sun Lounger Feeding a White Dog
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels

Your dog can follow your intentions shockingly well. Most dogs can track their owners’ eye movement and identify where you stash the treats, leash, and other objects of notable interest. That’s why it’s often impossible to hide toys and treats from your dog!

Who You Dislike

White and Tan English Bulldog Lying on Black Rug
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Your dog is more perceptive than you might realize. If you dislike someone, they can tell when your posture shifts, your muscles tense, and your disposition changes. They can even smell your sweat as you become more stressed!

When You’re Fighting Someone

jack russell terrier, puppy, dog
Photo by Ri_Ya on Pixabay

If you’re upset with someone who lives with you, your dog knows right away. Even if you’re not yelling in the house or audibly arguing, your dog can sense your tense tone of voice and your irritated body movements. Dogs have been known to become unwell in response to their owners fighting.

Where You Go

Shallow Focus Photography of a Golden Retriever
Photo by Garfield Besa on Pexels

Your dog’s sense of smell is much better than you think, even if you already think it’s good. They can smell the pollen from the flowers you’ve passed, the cologne or perfume your friends wear, and even the type of paint used on the walls in the building next to your workplace. Their sense of smell is 100 thousand times more sensitive than yours!

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Your Health

dog, cute, animal
Photo by moshehar on Pixabay

That extreme sense of smell is so good, in fact, that your dog can tell when you’re sick. They can often tell you’re feeling under the weather before you can! In fact, some studies show that dogs can detect certain types of cancer by the smell the cancer cells emit.

You Can’t Resist Their Cuteness

Two Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels

Dogs know that you find them adorable. That’s because your body releases a hormone when you see a cute animal, and your dog can smell it easily. When they smell that chemical, they know they often get what they want, like a treat or a walk.

You’re Leaving Town

jack russell, dog in suitcase, dog travel
Photo by WoodlandsGal51 on Pixabay

It’s no surprise that your dog hates when you take a trip somewhere. You’ve probably noticed your dog becoming anxious in the days before you leave on a trip! They know what to look for when you head out of town, like seeing suitcases or folded clothes on the bed.

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You’re Scared

Black and Brown Short Coat Dog Lying on the Ground
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels

If your spouse or partner is out of town, your dog might cuddle up closer to you or act more protective. If you see someone who makes you nervous, your dog might stand close at attention. This is because they can smell adrenaline and stress hormones in your body and react accordingly.

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You’re Sad

Beautiful German Shepherd
Photo by Mark Youso on Pexels

Likewise, your dog knows when you’re feeling sad. Dogs can read facial expressions with surprising accuracy, so they don’t always need to rely on their keen sense of smell to tell you’re blue. They also know to go to people who are crying in order to comfort them!

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