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Top Toys for Dogs Based on Their Personality

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Every dog is different, and every dog needs their own special set of toys that fit their personality type. Here are five different types of dog personalities and the toys that are the best fit for their profile.

Curious Dogs

white and brown long coat large dog
Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

Some dogs are curious, inquisitive, and eager to learn more about the world around them. If you have a curious dog, you’ll know the telltale signs by seeing how much they try to open things and insert themselves into whatever seems interesting.

Puzzle Feeders

Puppy Playing With Spiky Ball Toy Selective Focus Photography
Photo by Caio on Pexels

Curious dogs are best served by a puzzle feeder or a similar brain-stimulating toy that can keep their attention and reward them for their curiosity. These kinds of toys can keep your curious pup engaged for hours and help encourage their naturally inquisitive behavior!

Restless Dogs

brown long coat medium dog on brown field during daytime
Photo by Kojirou Sasaki on Unsplash

Some dogs are restless and more than a little destructive if they get bored. If you’ve got a dog who will destroy the couch when they go a few hours without attention, you need to get toys to keep them from exerting their strength in harmful ways.

Chew Toys

brown and black short coated dog lying on gray and white floral textile
Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

Get your restless dog a durable, safe chew toy that they can take out their energy on without harming your furniture or home. Make sure the toy isn’t something like rawhide that will fall apart and create dangerous, jagged pieces they could ingest.

Active Dogs

golden retriever puppy sitting on the beach during daytime
Photo by Jennifer Barnes on Unsplash

If your dog likes to run outside and play in the sunshine, they need toys that will stimulate that kind of play. Active dogs tend to be larger breeds, but some smaller pups are also quite athletic. You’ll likely already know if you have an active breed!

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Bright Rubber Ball

brown and white dog on grass
Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

The best toy for an active dog is the classic bright rubber ball. Avoid a tennis ball, as these can quickly deteriorate and your dog could accidentally ingest some rubber fragments. A solid, bright-colored rubber ball is better because it won’t fall apart, and your dog will easily be able to spot it in the grass!

Anxious Dogs

pug covered with blanket on bedspread
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Some dogs are very anxious and can go through serious separation anxiety when their owner isn’t around. Many smaller dogs have this personality profile, as do some rescue dogs who were abandoned by previous owners. They require special care and attention!

Plush Toys

fawn pug puppy on pink bear plush toy
Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

An anxious dog is best served by a number of soft, comforting plush toys. These give your dog a way to cuddle and relax even when you’re not around. Also, consider leaving an article of your clothing, like a shirt, with your dog when you leave. This can help them cope with your absence until you return.

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Social Dogs

brown and white short coated dog
Photo by Alison Pang on Unsplash

Other dogs are quite social and love just spending time around their owners. These friendly pups love hands-on playtime, lots of attention, and all the affection you’ve got. While some of them just want pets and cuddles, they could all benefit from a few toys.

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Tug Toy

Dog Pulling His Toy
Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels

Social dogs adore tug-of-war toys and other involved items. Get a strong rope toy that your dog can safely tug on to engage them in a fun, friendly game of tug-of-war. Also, consider getting a pet-safe throwing disc you can toss far away that they can run after and bring back to you!

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