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10 Reasons People Buy Purebred Dogs

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There are many reasons people choose a purebred dog. Factors include appearance, traits, temperament, health, and more. This guide will help you determine if selecting a purebred dog is the right choice for you.

10. Reputable Breeders

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Responsible dog owners research reputable breeders. One of the best places to start is the AKC marketplace. This can help you find trustworthy dog breeders and exclusively lists puppies from AKC-registered litters. AKC (American Kennel Club) registration ensures that puppies meet the breed standard. It also ensures that puppies have not been inbred too much.

9. Healthy Parents

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Any reputable breeder aims to rear puppies from the best quality parents available. This means dogs that are the best examples of their breed in terms of physical appearance, traits, temperament, and health. With this high-quality starting point, the breeding will likely result in a litter of equally top-quality and healthy puppies. Many can trace 100-year-plus pedigrees.

8. Predictability

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People choose a specific purebred dog for predictability in several areas. This way, you can know what to expect. The first reason is appearance. Secondly, purebred dogs have known traits and temperaments. This helps to predict how the dog will behave and what it will need. Another area is health, as certain breeds are predisposed to certain conditions.

7. Early Training

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Dogs raised by reputable breeders have many advantages. They become used to being handled and socialized from birth. They are often also exposed to other dogs, cats, and children. They’ve likely been exposed to loud noises, such as vacuum cleaners. They are usually already crate-trained as well. Some may even be house and leash-trained.

6. Early Care

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Dogs raised by reputable breeders typically receive excellent care from the moment of their birth. They will receive perfect nutrition, high-quality medical attention, vaccines, and plenty of supervised playtime. A breeder’s goal is to sell someone a puppy that will be a healthy adult dog. Otherwise, their future business will suffer because their reputation is on the line.

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5. Breeders Will Take the Dog Back

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A big advantage of working with reputable breeders is that they are dog advocates for life. If something were to happen to you or your family, many responsible breeders promise – in writing – to take the dog back. Also, it is often easier to find someone willing to adopt a purebred dog rather than a mixed breed.

4. Participation in Purebred Events

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Some people enjoy enrolling their dog to participate in certain events, sports, or classes that require purebred status, such as those put on by specific organizations such as the AKC (American Kennel Club), ACA (American Canine Association), NADAC, and others. Such events include agility activities. Many of these organizations offer other benefits as well.

3. Purpose

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Many purebred dogs have been bred to serve a specific purpose based on traits inherent to the breed. For example, hunting, guarding, herding, livestock guardianship, service, emotional support, and more. Responsible breeders pair parents that strongly demonstrate the desired traits to produce the highest quality dogs as offspring.

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2. A Dog-Loving Community

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Choosing a dog from a reputable breeder, particularly one belonging to the American Kennel Club (AKC), means they are connected to a huge community of dog lovers. This includes other breeders and all types of experts. Owning a purebred dog can plug you into this network where you can get help and advice.

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1. Getting a Dog That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Responsible future dog owners spend time researching breeds to understand their traits. Ideally, a prospective dog owner will choose a breed whose needs and traits match the owner’s personality and lifestyle. For example, an active dog needing room to run is a bad fit for an apartment dweller. Breed research ensures the best outcome for the owner and the dog.

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