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10 Common Dog Names and What They Mean

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Just like baby names, dog names go through cycles of popularity. But be wary of just picking a name that’s trendy — names have meaning, and you could be ascribing a trait to your pup you really don’t want. These ten dog names are among the most popular today. Let’s look at what each of them means.

10. Bella

Little dog in purse

Bella means “beautiful” in Italian, and has a related meaning in Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek. It’s also sometimes a shortening of the name Isabella or Arabella. In American baby names, Bella means “intelligent.” Bella also refers to the king and queen of trumps in European card games.

9. Buddy

German Shepherd puppy being trained

This is a classic dog name that’s been applied to dogs of all breeds. We all know the term buddy usually refers to a friend, pal, helper, or partner. It’s also sometimes used as a generic term to informally address a man you don’t know. It’s a perfect name for friendly breeds and dogs.

8. Max

Newfoundland - Adobe Stock
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Max is a common dog name. Max is an informal abbreviation for “maximum.” It is derived from the Latin term maximus, which means “greatest” or “largest.” Max means the largest amount or as much as possible. Max is a perfect name for a large dog, but it can be used comically when naming a toy-sized pooch.

7. Charlie


Charlie is a nickname derived from the name Charles. It comes from the German word for “free man” and “warrior.” However, the name Charlie is gender-neutral, and popular for both dog genders. It’s also a nickname for Charlotte and Charlene. In communications, “Charlie” is the codeword representing the letter “C.”

6. Luna


Luna is derived from the Latin word meaning “moon.” Other languages with Latin roots also use the word, including Spanish and Italian. In Roman mythology, Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon. In Hawaiian, Luna means “high” or “above.” And in Spain, “luna” is often used affectionately the way couples or people affectionately use “honey” in English.

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5. Lucy

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Originating as a feminine name in Latin, Lucy means “light” or “light-bringer.” It is derived from the masculine Latin name Lucius, which also means “light.” In several Christian religions, St. Lucy (Lucia of Syracuse) is viewed as the bearer of light in the darkness of winter. In Italian, Lucy means “graceful light.”

4. Bailey

Golden Retriever

The gender-neutral name Bailey comes from Middle English and Old French. It has several meanings, including “bailiff,” “berry clearing,” and “city fortification.” In 12th century England, a “Bailey” was a sturdy wall around the castle usually built of stone. When given to girls in modern times, Bailey is associated with a strong, independent, and responsible woman.

3. Cooper


In the languages of English, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, and Latin, the word Cooper had similar meanings. It referred to a person who made or repaired wooden barrels, casks, buckets, tubs, and other containers. It’s a perfect name for dogs from a working group breed on a farm or ranch. A Mini Cooper is a popular compact car.

2. Daisy


Daisies are flowering plants with over 32,000 known species. Daisy derives from the Old English word dægesēge, which means “day’s eye.” In the Victorian era, daisies symbolized innocence, loyalty, and the ability to keep a secret. In Christianity, daisies symbolize innocence, purity, humility, modesty, and simplicity. “Daisy” is also a 19th-century slang term meaning “the best in its class.”

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1. Duke

Duke may be the oldest and most classic dog name of all. It means “leader” in Latin. Noblemen in Royal families who are next in line to become a prince or king are “Dukes.” Duke also comes from the idiom “duke it out,” which means to fight. Duke was the nickname of America’s most beloved Western star, John Wayne.

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