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Ten Reasons to Never Own a Dog

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Everyone loves dogs, right? Actually, some people have a laundry list of reasons they would never own a dog. Here are ten reasons some people would never adopt a pet pup—and reasons why we still say it’s worth it in the end.


person walking beside Golden retriever on the street
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Adopting a pet dog means taking on a lot of responsibility. If you can’t commit yourself to caring for a dog for the rest of their natural life, you probably shouldn’t get one. Between walking them daily, playing with them, socializing them, and feeding them regularly, it’s a lot of extra chores to sign up for!


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On top of walking and exercising your pup, you need to train them. Dogs can be quite well-mannered if they’re trained properly. However, without training, your pooch could easily be a bit of a menace. Make sure you take the time to properly train them to mind your commands!


Close-Up Photo of Sleeping Dog
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Owning a dog can be extremely expensive. Between vet visits, toys, specialty foods, and equipment, dogs can eat up a good bit of your paycheck. However, the return on your investment is a lifelong friend who will always cherish your company.

Tearing up Furniture

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A bored dog can cause some serious damage to your home and furniture. It’s vital that you get your pup enough exercise and entertainment to keep them from chewing through your couch, or worse. If you can’t keep your furry friend properly stimulated, say goodbye to any nice things you own.


tricolor dog drinking water
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Many people can’t have dogs just because they’re allergic to their dander. There’s not much you can do about this! However, if you really want a pet pooch despite allergies, there are ways to manage your condition and still give a great home to a loving canine.

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Trouble Traveling

jack russell, dog in suitcase, dog travel
Photo by WoodlandsGal51 on Pixabay

Dogs hate it when you leave them at home to travel. However, it’s not always feasible to take them with you. If you travel a lot, you’ll need to either have a robust plan for boarding your dog while you’re gone, or you’ll need to simply pass on owning a pup.

Noise Complaints

dog, hybrid, mixed breed dog
Photo by Ralphs_Fotos on Pixabay

As anyone who lives around dogs will tell you, they bark. They bark a lot. Some dogs bark so much that it’s basically all they do! However, you can mitigate this with behavior training to teach your pup to only bark in certain conditions, making life much easier for yourself and your neighbors.

Lodging Issues

a no dogs allowed sign with a black dog in a red circle
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If you don’t own your own home, getting a dog can be a bit of a headache. Many apartments either don’t allow pets or have strict breed restrictions on the kind of dog you can move in with you. Some apartment-seekers simply forego dogs altogether rather than deal with the headache of finding pet-friendly lodging.

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Problems with Neighbors

A Dog Barking Near a Metal Fence
Photo by Manel Vazquez on Pexels

Beyond just barking, dogs can get you in trouble with your neighbors in other ways. In extreme scenarios, a dog might be overwhelmed and bite a passerby. This is a nightmare scenario, as it often results in hefty legal expenses and, worse, your beloved pet being taken away from you. However, as with many of these issues, this can usually be avoided with proper training.

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Easily Bored

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Most of all, dogs are highly intelligent animals who require mental stimulation. They need to walk, play, and socialize often. If you’re an introverted person who doesn’t usually get out for runs in the park, you might just not be a good fit for dog ownership. That being said, there are many breeds who are actually perfectly content to stay in with you—they just want some playtime and exercise every now and then!

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