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10 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Fighting

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The best way to stop dogs from fighting is to prevent trouble before it starts. Train and socialize dogs early. Still, fights may happen. Learn how to properly break up a dogfight and protect the dogs and yourself from injury.

10. Teach Dogs to Come When You Call

white and brown short coat medium dog on green grass field during daytime
Photo by Destiny Wiens on Unsplash

A well-trained dog is one of the best preventative measures against dogfights. If your dog comes when you call, you can recall your dog away from trouble and a potential fight before it starts. You should train your dog to be obedient no matter the situation. This keeps your dog away from other dogs and any other danger.

9. Introduce Dogs to One Another on Neutral Territory

Two Dogs Facing Each Other
Photo by Barnabas Davoti on Pexels

Territorial disputes are one of the main causes of dogfights. Introducing them on neutral territory prevents the dog from thinking it has to protect its turf. The best place to introduce dogs is a park, open field, or quiet street. Anywhere there is plenty of space. This allows dogs to get acquainted without feeling pressured to guard their domain.

8. Learn to Recognize Aggressive Body Language

dog, wallpaper hd, angry
Photo by simonocampo999 on Pixabay

The signals of a dogfight are visible long before a fight breaks out. It’s important to observe the body language of all dogs present. Relaxed bodies and wagging tails indicate play. Tense bodies, ears pinned flat, curled back lips, and rapidly vibrating tails signal the possibility of a fight. Growling is a sure sign of aggression.

7. Reprimand Aggressive Play as Early as Possible

German Shepherd puppy being trained

The best time to squash aggressive tendencies in your dog is during puppyhood. Puppies are usually socialized with other puppies on the limits of acceptable play. Barking and jumping are natural play. Pups learn to soften their bite in play. It’s important to correct your dog when it bites too hard or is overly aggressive with you or other dogs.

6. Douse the Dogs With Water

Soaked Wet Long-coated Dog Opens Mouth at Water Streams on Green Grass
Photo by Jack Geoghegan on Pexels

One of the easiest and safest ways to break up a dogfight is to spray the dogs with water from a hose or douse them with a bucket of water. This causes the dogs to react to the new threat, which will immediately stop their fight. They will forget their aggression toward one another. Almost always, the dogs will scatter.

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5. Scare the Dogs With a Loud Noise

selective focus photography of woman wearing black cold-shoulder shirt using megaphone during daytime
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Any way that you can create loud noises can be useful in frightening the fighting dogs. This pulls them out of the moment and causes them to forget why they were fighting and disperse. Try blaring a loud horn or banging two metal objects above their head. You can also try clapping loudly or yelling.

4. Throw a Blanket or Tarp Over Them

White Dog on blanket on grass
Photo by Matthew Barra on Pexels

Some dogs will cease fighting if they are unable to see one another. Items such as a large blanket or tarp can be thrown over the dogs to obscure their view of one another, allowing them to calm down. You could also throw the blanket over the more aggressive dog and immediately remove the other dog from the area.

3. Use a Barrier to Separate the Dogs

black and gray dog on brown sands
Photo by Mark Galer on Unsplash

If you have something available to use as a barrier, you can place this object in between the dogs to separate them. Items such as plywood, a large piece of cardboard, or a lid from a trashcan. These items may give you enough of a barrier to prevent them from seeing one another, which will help them calm down.

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2. Pull the Dogs in Different Directions (With an Assistant)

two short-coated brown and black dogs playing
Photo by David Taffet on Unsplash

With the help of an assistant, each person should pull the dogs apart in different directions. Each person can approach the dog from behind, and grab it by the tail or hind legs to pull it away from its opponent (taking care not to become a target themselves). Then distribute the dogs in different directions immediately.

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1. Muzzle Aggressive Dogs

Dog with party hat and muzzle at a loud event looking scared, crazed and helpless
Dog with party hat and muzzle at a loud event looking scared, crazed and helpless” by Ivan Radic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If one dog continually demonstrates aggressive tendencies, the only solution may be to apply a muzzle to the dog for everyone’s safety. Only remove the muzzle during feeding time. A few days of this reprimanding will send the dog a clear message that aggressive behavior brings undesirable consequences and it should begin to modify its behavior.

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