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10 Things to Know Before You Take Your Dog Camping

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Camping can be a blast when you prepare well and have a plan for how you’re going to spend your time in the wilderness. If you’re looking to bring your pup with you the next time you sleep under the stars, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Health Check

white french bulldog wearing blue and white polka dot shirt
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Before you take a dog with you on a camping trip, get a preliminary health check-up for them. The last thing you want to do is have exposure to nature reveal a medical issue you were unaware of. This could both cut your trip short and potentially harm your dog!

Find a Campground

A Man Camping in the Woods with his Siberian Husky Dog
Photo by Igor Cibulsky on Pexels

Next up, find a campground you want to go to that allows pets. Remember, not all public campgrounds are okay with people bringing their dogs. Be respectful of these rules! Never try to sneak a dog onto a campground that doesn’t allow them. You could get fined and kicked out.

Learn the Rules

Group of Friends with a Dog Near a Tent
Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

Review the campground’s rules before you arrive. Are there designated areas where you can have your dog off their leash? Are there quiet hours you’ll need to observe? You also need to be aware of any breed or size restrictions, as well as the limit on the number of dogs you can bring.

Learn the Dangers

woman and a dog inside outdoor tent near body of water
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Familiarize yourself with any dangers local to the campground you’ve picked out. Natural hazards like landslides, quicksand, and toxic plants are things you should know about. Likewise, be aware of any dangerous animals, like bears, that live near the campground.

Trial Run

woman in brown tank top sitting on black car seat
Photo by Resilience CBD on Unsplash

Before you take your dog camping with you for real, give them a trial run. Try “camping” in the backyard with your tent and see if your dog does well staying with you in a simulated camping environment. If they’re struggling in the backyard, consider leaving them home on your next trip.

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What to Pack

woman in black and white long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on rock near river
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Depending on the nature of the campground, you’ll need to pack a few different things. For instance, you might want a harness for hiking, a sleeping bag, a reflective collar, a crate for them to sleep in, a life jacket, and a stake and long lead to allow them to explore the campsite.

Respect Fellow Campers

Man in Blue Jacket Sitting Beside German Shepherd near Body of Water
Photo by RDNE Stock project on Pexels

Don’t let your dog run around off their leash on the campground. This could annoy fellow campers and could even lead to altercations with other dogs. Also, make sure to keep their barking to a minimum, especially at night. Other people are trying to enjoy their vacations, too!

Where Can They Sleep?

Happy young couple with Golden Retriever dog smiling and cuddling while resting near bonfire during camping in nature at night
Photo by Lauren Brown on Pexels

Make sure you’ve got a spot for your dog to sleep. They might want to sleep in your tent with you, or they might need their own sleeping bag. Consider the weather, too! If it’s cold, they’re going to need to bundle up with you in your tent.

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How to Handle Being Apart

Woman with dog standing near porch of house in countryside
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels

If you have a camping activity slated that your dog can’t come along for, make a plan for someone to watch them while you’re gone. You can’t just leave your pup tethered at the campsite or in your tent! Ask a friend who came on the trip to watch them or make plans to take them to a dogsitter for a few hours.

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Have Fun

Man Showing Grilled Sausage on Stick to White Dog
Photo by Wendelin Jacober on Pexels

Most of all, make sure you have fun! Some dogs are natural athletes who love being outdoors. They’ll have a blast going camping with you, and it might become your new favorite way to bond with your dog! Just make sure you do your research and come prepared.

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